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  1. It's a shame that the same attention wasn't paid here as in other places, all it really needed was check on race, and insert a "Well I can see you wouldn't be able to conceive", or have a godlike specific dialog option... Oh well, maybe a content update in a patch will fix it...
  2. So i've just started a play through with a fire godlike Cipher, and just hit Gilded Vale... Now my understanding is that it's common world knowledge that godlikes can't reproduce... So i'm standing there, head basically on fire... I have flames coming out of my head... And one of the first questions I get asked is "Have I ever conceived a Hollowborn child?" Ermmm... Hello?? Flames out of head?? Has anyone else noticed "disconnects" between "world knowledge" and what gets presented in game through conversations?
  3. I'm still trying to work out why everyone is talking about Power over Ethernet..... *Whistles and walks away slowly*
  4. Completed my key activation and game pre-load on Steam this morning - Count down mode engaged! As a side note, thank you so much for this game Obsidian, I am really looking forward to losing myself in a new world
  5. I'm planning on turning the lights off, and playing the game until unconsciousness sets in
  6. @ruzen Far future? Windows 10 is slated to be out later this year @xmally I suspect what it means is that the ID@XBOX program is expanding to cover PC titles, rather then PoE being available on the XBone
  7. There is one achievement that I am not sure is really possible (without using some sort of exploit). It is called the Triple Crown Solo and requires that the player play the entire game solo, on expert mode, with trial of iron (party wipe deletes save), with Path of the Damned difficulty. None of our testers were able to get it naturally. Challenge Accepted! and yes, i'm *obviously* wearing a suit.....
  8. Baldur's Gate 2 Enhanced Edition is my current poison of choice - Currently romping through the Underdark Once I finish it, I'm planning on Dragon Age 3 to give me a rest of isometics until a certain date in March....
  9. Day 2 for me - Two reasons 1) because I have work on the Friday, and if i start playing I probably won't stop for work and 2) I have the week after release booked off, not deliberately but a VERY happy coincidence
  10. Good-bye! We get it Malignacious; you want poe to be like that living embodiment of mediocrity, Dungeon Siege 3. That game almost no one liked, and had no market appeal at all. Your idea that Obsidian should avoid the IE formula that guarantees success in favor of an approach that failed miserably already is beyond foolish. This - I actually just reinstalled and played a bit of DS3 just in case my original thoughts of the game were jaded.... Nope, it's still a bad Diablo2 clone, nothing like the original DS I will admit it's graphically pretty, but it lacks game play substanc
  11. It depends on the models being used. Each "cosmetic" change to indicate hurt would result in more art time required for the "damage" to be rendered, more coding time, etc.... And that's just considering the top level. How far down the rabbit hole do you want to go? Do you have just generic damage, or more specific? Do characters limp? Limbs dangle uselessly? Return on investment could be quite low at the end of the day
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