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  1. I know it's been a while, but is anyone any the wiser?
  2. chch sorry for the typo... of course i meant backer "Baker" is still relevant and, I think, an improvement!
  3. I understand everyone's frustration, and believe me I'm waiting on the edge of my seat for my Steam code, but come on guys, all this negativity isn't going to help anyone. Obsidian presumably don't have time to read through the forums this late in the game, but I'm sure if any of them actually did all your bitchin' would hardly help motivate them to get those Steam/GOG codes flowing... And what's with the sudden sense of entitlement? Try to remember why you backed the game in the first place. You're not a standard gamer who preordered the game; you're an investor. You put money down when a publisher wouldn't and MADE this game happen. You're going to be rewarded depending on how much you invested, and you will have a digital copy by the 26th. Stop complaining and try a little patience! Also, I know everyone is a little disgruntled about Streamers and Youtubers having the game before you... But please remember this is Obsidian's FIRST crowd funded project and first game they've been able to give to Steamers off their own back as an experiment to see how much hype is generated. This whole thing is an experiment that is so far successful, but it's still an experiment. No-one knew how successful it would be, or if it would even get funded. This whole process is drawing to a close, but OE still have a lot to do. Generating 80,000+ Steam/GOG codes and a system to work out who gets what, and implementing it, it all takes a lot of time and planning and I'm sure they're on top of things. Remember too, when Revolution kickstarted Broken Sword 5 they pretty much ruined the launch through no fault of their own. No-one is used to crowd funding except Double Fine! Now calm down the lot of you and watch Adventure Time for a few days!
  4. My wizard (or equivalent? I've been avoiding all information on the game haha!) will carry all the food. If a villain drops a stick, I'm picking that stick up and selling it for cash. I'm going to attempt to get my main character laid with any female character with boobs. I don't care if it's not possible, I'm an excellent wing man. If anyone in my party has 99% or less health, we're having a nap. I'm going to screenshot my Stronghold and annoy all my Facebook friends with it. I'm giving my main character my own name. It's a cool name.
  5. I'm really looking forward to completing the game, then getting stuck right at the end, just before having a really good go at the whole game, then learning the ropes of the UI before finally getting excited about all the announcements and press releases! I'm mostly looking forward to the spiritual predecessor 'Baldur's Gate' though...
  6. The ID@Xbox games all have Xbox achievements, leaderboards, etc don't they? Except Minecraft, for some reason? The one game on there that's owned by Microsoft! ID@Xbox (Independent Developers @ Xbox) is program that supports indie devs to produce games to MS platforms (previously it was only for Xbox One), like giving them SDKs for Xbox One. Windows 10 has integrated Xbox app that gives game developers possibility to use Xbox Live services like achievements and MS also promises to bring cross-platform play functionality which will allow developers to make multiplayer modes where PC and Console players can play against each other and universal app platform which make it possible develop apps and games that people can access from every Windows devices (phone, tablet, pc, xbox). so with the announcement, anyone know what we're getting? I can't imagine PoE is coming out on consoles, is it?
  7. The ID@Xbox games all have Xbox achievements, leaderboards, etc don't they? Except Minecraft, for some reason? The one game on there that's owned by Microsoft!
  8. Have Obsidian actually said anything about this yet? The xboxer in me is quite excited to have PoE show up on my xbox profile!
  9. I'm happy to support Obsidian through Kickstarter - however I won't be happy if they follow Double Fine's train of thought. For those unfamiliar with what Double Fine did, they successfully kickstarted what would eventually become 'Broken Age' despite apparently having a publisher lined up because they wanted the money. They then started another kickstarter campaign during the development of Broken Age. They THEN announced they had been working on Grim Fandango the whole time whilst working on Broken Age, through Sony as a sponsor/publisher of all things. When compared to Revolution Software, who developed as much of Broken Sword 5 as they could afford to, before resorting to KS for financial backing, Double Fine looked pretty bad. I'll be happy to help crowd fund PoE 2, but only after they have a finished product/expansion.
  10. So I've been casually reading up on Windows 10 and how the xbox stuff will work with it. I'm quite excited at the thought of streaming xbox one games to various devices throughout my home. anyway, I came across this article: http://news.xbox.com/2015/03/games-idxbox-windows-10 Looking for a reason to get excited about gaming for Windows 10 PC? Well how about 17 awesome reasons? There are a slew of games from independent developers coming to Windows 10 PCs via the ID@Xbox program, which is expanding to help independent developers bring their great games to PC and other Windows 10 devices. Here’s what you’ll be able to get your hands on in the future – and this is just the tip of the iceberg! Pillars of Eternity (Obsidian Entertainment/Paradox Interactive): It’s a classic RPG inspired by the likes of Baldur’s Gate and Icewind Dale – and that’s pretty much all we need to hear to be excited about this one. So what does this mean? Is PoE being released on the Windows Store as an xbox enabled title? Will it have xbox enabled achievements and leader boards? Can we redeem our kickstarter orders through Windows instead of Steam/GOG? I've had a good look through the forums and can't find anything on this topic, but please excuse me if I've overlooked anything.
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