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  1. the best way to handle Revan is to kill him....that way, you can still use him as a mask-wearing Force Ghost who speaks more like a ghost than a man or a woman. also, by killing him off, you end the Revan saga which should end in K3. Exile, though, should emerge as a prominent scripted character with a set identity...you can use Exile even beyond the Revan saga. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> If that happens, then everything after the end of KotOR1 really will have been a pile of horse dung. Can't KotOR2 just have been a bad dream, like season seven of Dallas?
  2. Not often, but you sometimes see a similar thing with humans in the Star Wars terminology, like Han Solo is referred to as both "Human" and "Corellian".
  3. Really? Atris sampling Dark Side magic and locking herself in with Sith holocrons and magic is comparable to Bastila being tortured for a week? My God, some female Revans really are petty, narrow-minded, shallow biatches.
  4. How the %&/(( did this worthless poll get bumped from september 2004?
  5. KotOR1 is vastly superior as a Star Wars RPG. With or without the cut endings. If you want a depressing exercise in pessimism and cynicism, K2 is for you.
  6. I don't see why opting to kill should count more than opting to not kill. Clearly some of these NPC's are irefutably dead if Revan went DS on the temple summit, but in the cases where Carth could be dead if Revan was DSF and Bastila could be dead if Revan was LSM or F, why should "could be dead" count more than "could be alive"? In both cases i think "could be dead = is dead" would annoy more players. I guess Obsidian thought so too in the case of Bastila, as she shows up if Revan was LSM even though she "could be dead". For this i applaud them.
  7. Erm. Browsing that forum will indubitably involve wading through an endless deluge of trolls, goblins, orcs, elves, fairies, pixies, vampires, leprechauns or whatever, i.e. extremely boring stuff to find good KotOR fanart.
  8. Nah, only ESB was a bit gloomy. Episode III might be even more so, who knows. The other movies were quite cheerful despite the state of the galaxy. And even in ESB there was always a feeling of hope, though. It wasn't cynical, like this K2 depressiveness.... "Yeah, you saved the galaxy from the Sith in K1 but here they are again only 5 years later, killing an entire planet that incidentally had most of the remaining Jedi Order on it. Nothing like a bit of adversity to make you feel good about yourself when you've beaten the game." "Also, Revan left his love interest from K1 behind after less than a year, we felt it was essential to the plot of K2 to smash your happy ending from K1 to pieces too." "Don't do good, it will make the weak weaker". "Btw, your Han Soloish NPC actually used to torture and kill Jedi. Except he couldn't do it anymore because a Jedi woman he killed showed him the force and also what it felt like to be on the receiving end and he loved her for it. I mean he loved to kill her. But he still left the Sith so it was all good! " Then you finally get some hope when you gather all the Masters on Dantooine, These nice(well maybe not Vrook) masters will surely help me against the Sith. Oh wait, they all turn on me. And now Kreia kills them! Actually their state is worse than death!. Yeah why not.
  9. I would prefer it if BioWare made KotOR3 as it's pretty evident that Obsidian doesn't even like the Star Wars franchise, mocking some parts of KotOR1 and the movies on occasions. They should stick with their trolls and fairies, and the gloomy cynisism fits better in radioactive wastelands than the (mostly) optimistic Star Wars universe..
  10. My Revan was near omnipotent and would have slapped Vader half across the Galaxy with his little finger. Some of you people's Revans sucked and would have lost, though(most notably the people who use moronic terms like "KotOR fanboys").
  11. What's worse, the troll that baits or the trolls that bite the bait? Having said that, it does seem like LA are trying to establish Revan as male if you look at the Chronicles on the KotOR2 site on lucasarts.com. Quoting from Chronicles Part XII: The Feeding of Malachor V: "It is a period of uncertainty across the galaxy. After a long and vicious battle in the deepest area of the STAR FORGE, Dark Lord of the Sith DARTH REVAN succeeds in destroying his ex-apprentice DARTH MALAK. After recovering from the duel, Revan seeks out the secret dark outposts he established during the Mandalorian War." So they're trying to establish Revan not only as male, but also as DS male. But then again, the Chronicles section is an inconsistent and inaccurate POS IMHO.
  12. Here's a tip for you; annual means yearly. So change it to weekly. Alternatively you could still call it annual and not post another one for a year(which would probably be for the best).
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