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  1. Never ever give bullies anything. When they figure out their threats work they will be back for more because they know you will give in. This is something Obsidian should be strong enough to ignore.
  2. This is something I don't understand either. This game has no lack of dark content. Yet an optional text on a wall in a relatively obscure area is the only thing that was found to be offensive? These are people that wants to win a fight. The original reason no longer means anything to them. All that matters to them is winning for the sake of winning.
  3. Never give a bully what they want. They will just be back for more.
  4. I rather like that the portraits looks like paintings. It gives a handcrafted feeling to the interface. I also enjoy the subdued colour palette that still manages to look fairly vibrant.
  5. My sentiment against romance in video games is that a lot of developers just don't do anything interesting with it except typical stuff we have come to expect from Hollywood movies. Love and relationships is one of the most important things to a human and should not be half-assed. This would mean that a lot of time and effort would have to go into it. If the developers think other aspects if their game is more important then I rather have no romance before something that would ultimately be dull because it wasn't given the time it needed.
  6. I disagree with the sentiment of armours looking generic being a bad thing. If anything, I have grown to dislike the overdesigned pompous armours that no fighter would wear into battle. Having things rooted in reality tells me that the designers are thoughtful about what they put into their fantasy world. Making something over the top for the sake of being extreme can be fun in itself but we have so much of it these days that I have grown to dislike it because now when everyone does it without an afterthought it's just seems lazy. Obsidian going with the style and thoughtfulness they do is one of the reason I decided to invest in PoE. It's a product and a company I can respect due to its integrity.
  7. Human or Godlike. It really depends on what I end up fancying once I sit down to play the game.
  8. I'm thinking of a goldpact knight (unless it's only restricted to NPC's, which would make me sad) and pretty much emulate Scrouge McDuck.
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