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  1. Then what? replace the corpse in the three from gold valley to........ comander keen sking from doom 2 secret level?
  2. The game didn't allow me to get more xp, i did all side quest i found in the game. say 66k - MAX in the xp meter. and i was only 9th lvl was a shame, because i wasen't able to fight adra dragon at that level. I had to finish the game without it.
  3. Why i can't reach other levels? or i need less party members? i want to take down that damn adra dragon!
  4. This. Though I'd probably say we don't need any redundant XP at all. Remember that you get 10% extra XP for every missing party member. So why not add a special incentive for someone playing with a smaller party? I think it should look something like this: - 40-50% of side content will net you level 9 and will allow you to beat the game at a higher (perceived) difficulty [in other words: a game on "medium" should then feel like you play on "hard"]. This is a cRPG; I think it's fine to punish players for rushing content as much as that they don't even do half of the optional content. The IE games did that and nobody ever complained about it, so it's fine. - 85% or more of side content for a 6 people party will net you level 11 - 95-100% of side content for a 6 people party will net you level 12 - 85-90% of side content for a 5 people party will net you level 12 This makes it so there's a good incentive for people to drop one or two party members to gain the last level earlier than if you had a group of 6. Only completionists that explore every corner will reach max level with a 6-man party. i got capped at lvl 9, the game didn't let me reach more levels why?
  5. I got capped at lvl 9 in my first run 66k I'm the only one ?
  6. i got capped at lvl 9. My only finished play, now i'm trying other classes used: Fighter, Hard difficult. Got 66k points, 6 members party. Can't go beyond 66k points I'm the only one? In act II i got a cap and i can't go more Xp, i can't even touch the ADRA dragon, so, i don't kill him, just only kill final boss I read so many ppl get lvl 12, why i cant? Ty.
  7. In my first run i got capped at lvl 9 66k points, fighter, hard. I'm the only one or the patches just fix this? Because the Adra dragon whipped my ass at that level. Played on hard, 6 member party.
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