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  1. Then what? replace the corpse in the three from gold valley to........ comander keen sking from doom 2 secret level?
  2. The game didn't allow me to get more xp, i did all side quest i found in the game. say 66k - MAX in the xp meter. and i was only 9th lvl was a shame, because i wasen't able to fight adra dragon at that level. I had to finish the game without it.
  3. Why i can't reach other levels? or i need less party members? i want to take down that damn adra dragon!
  4. This. Though I'd probably say we don't need any redundant XP at all. Remember that you get 10% extra XP for every missing party member. So why not add a special incentive for someone playing with a smaller party? I think it should look something like this: - 40-50% of side content will net you level 9 and will allow you to beat the game at a higher (perceived) difficulty [in other words: a game on "medium" should then feel like you play on "hard"]. This is a cRPG; I think it's fine to punish players for rushing content as much as that they don't even do half of the optional content. Th
  5. I got capped at lvl 9 in my first run 66k I'm the only one ?
  6. i got capped at lvl 9. My only finished play, now i'm trying other classes used: Fighter, Hard difficult. Got 66k points, 6 members party. Can't go beyond 66k points I'm the only one? In act II i got a cap and i can't go more Xp, i can't even touch the ADRA dragon, so, i don't kill him, just only kill final boss I read so many ppl get lvl 12, why i cant? Ty.
  7. In my first run i got capped at lvl 9 66k points, fighter, hard. I'm the only one or the patches just fix this? Because the Adra dragon whipped my ass at that level. Played on hard, 6 member party.
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