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    OK, I think that means that I'm finally done with the game. I play with no treasure in Story Mode, reserving my treasure for use during Quest Mode. Now with no QM to play I have no incentive to buy treasure with my gold so I have no incentive to play through on SM once I've done one run through at Legendary. I presume that OBS have done due diligence on the data and that I am in a very small minority in running without treasure in story mode. Very disappointing.
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    I hope I will not be forced to update the game to as I would prefer NOT to update and continue playing Quest Mode. I have spent WAY more time with Quest Mode than Story Mode and it is the overwhelming reason I've played the game for 9+ months and put in hundreds of hours and continued to spend money. If Quest Mode is removed, I will most likely stop playing the game until there is major content added (a new Adventure Path, for instance) or Quest Mode is revamped and returned to the game. Playing through Story Mode a couple of times was fun, but more than that is not that compelling for me. I LOVE the game and I hope Quest Mode can make a triumphant return at some point, but I have to admit that I am very disappointed that it most likely will be removed.
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    I Also like quest mode, but I Also hope that it will be back when and if its ready! Gooooblins! We will burn and we will hack, I am sure that your purce will lack!
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    Sad news about Quest Mode. I hope it comes back. The only reason I kept playing between the long long time between Deck 3 and Deck 4 was because of Quest Mode.
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