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So what exactly did Remaro do?

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the horn is part of a route . did you do it? Talk to the guy in the forge ? 



No, there are 3 routes. You either storm in, stealth in to the forge and steal ship OR stealth in, go outside and do the quest with Mirke to make a party and blow Benwett up with a planted bomb when he plays the piano thing.


And if you do it the Mirke way, you also get to talk to Syri the Siren who tells you about Remaro and his room before he left.



You can also throw the party and NOT blow him up, but talk him down. You can also have the pirates steal his ship and you lure him to the outside walls and you can talk him down there. Aeldys is less angry if you keep him alive.



The best course of action imho is letting him live and then forgetting his name when talking to Aeldys.


Aka the path of maximum disrespect.

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I didnt know you could let him live.  How does your char justify this to both Serafen and to Furrante, and does it let you still complete Blow the Man Down quest?


Serafen didn't even comment on that. Furrante was super chill, he just said something like "So you scared that bugger to death, good for you" and proceded to give me the next quest. I expected him to be annoyed, but if he was he didn't show it one bit.


Talking Benweth down felt a bit silly though, that conversation wasn't very convincing, I wouldn't really say he was scared of me.

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Gotta say that the bomb solution is the way to go. Hilarious and doesn't do the watchers reputation any harm... just an all around cool option.

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*bumping this back up for a bit*


To answer the OP and others, I did some testing, and after cross-referencing with the Wiki, it looks like the dialogue to quiz Remaro about possibly being involved with slavers is triggered when the Watcher finds out that some of the Prinicpi are involved in slaving.


Specifically, I was able to get the "Remaro, did this have something to do with your captain trafficking slaves?" option when I got the "Of Like Minds" quest from Director Castol as well as when I got the "A Shrewd Proposition" quest from Furrante.  Getting either quest will trigger the convo option. 


What WON'T trigger it is just wiping out investigating Crookspur Island on your own and talking to/freeing the slaves there.  Nor will doing it on the Cleaning Out Crookspur (RDC) questline by itself. 


I haven't fully tested the Cruel Cargo (Wahaki) questline, but it doesn't appear at first glance this will trigger it either.




When I looked at the relevant conversation file, this dialogue option looks to be triggered when the Watcher has heard at least one of two conversations, which aligns fairly well with the above behavior.  


So unless folks want to try to pass that Insight 10 check mentioned in the OP, getting either (or both) of these quests will trigger the option to find out about The Sorcerer's slaving past.  

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Yep, that's what I arrived at too. It makes sense, given that Remaro's keen on keeping Serafen's idealism intact and for obvious reasons, the Principi involved don't want to broadcast their involvement. 

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Yep, that's what I arrived at too. It makes sense, given that Remaro's keen on keeping Serafen's idealism intact and for obvious reasons, the Principi involved don't want to broadcast their involvement. 

It is a little bit of a leap of logic though, given that the Watcher doesn't have any reason to suspect it was The Sorcerer involved in slaving. 


Maybe if they were randomly asking other Principi about slaving, it could work (and if they did, I didn't notice).  But it does seem a bit "out of the blue"-ish.


It's difficult because Obsidian obviously wants Serafen to be shocked and surprised that it was his ship involved, so the Watcher can't find clues to that effect beforehand.  But as it is, it seems to me that the Watcher has to add two (Remaro mutinied and is REALLY disillusioned with the Principi) and two (saaaaay, don't the Prinicipi really hate slaving? And golly gee willikers, some Principi are involved in slaving) together to get that convo check.  Which seems like an insight check to me, if a much smaller one than the [insight 10] that is already there.


Seems like a rare-ish weak story link, at least by Obsidian standards. 


Not that it bothers me too much, but it did raise an eyebrow slightly.  Maybe The Watcher could have overheard some 'dark rumors' about either The Sorcerer, Bastain, or even better Remaro, being sighted near/sailing toward Crookspur.  Say the pro-slaving elements within the Prinicipi want to discredit Remaro and make their shiphunters really hate him.  Could insinuate things without attracting too much attention.  


Serafen could then given an impassioned speech about how this was a load of seagull **** and that no one on The Sorcerer could be ever involved in slaving, especially Remaro.  


Make it so this rumor comes up once the Principi/Crookspur thing starts.  Even gives Serafen a good excuse to cuss and vent his mounting frustration at the whole situation.  Not like he needs much of a reason. :lol:


Just a little bit of a tweak to add to the emotional stakes as well as give the Watcher a reason to ask Remaro about slaving in the first place.


Ah well, as it is I suppose it works well enough. :)

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What information is divulged with 10 insight check?


Honestly it seemed like the quest should be done early...Furrante and Serafan make it seem so. And in the grand scheme of things I want to take this bigger out.

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