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What class(s) are you planning making your first character and why?

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Oracle (cipher + druid).

​My character is a pale elf from the White that Wends and his background is that of a mystic. I played him as a rational/stoic cipher in the first game.

​I felt the idea that his background tied in well to the narrative of the first game and that he'd been receiving visions long before arriving in the Dyrwood, though not as potent and realised.

​In any case, various factions in the White that Wends were seeking to use his emerging power for whatever reason to the point that he decided to leave - only to have his abilities to become more pronounced upon witnessing the ritual at Cilant Lîs and becoming a watcher.

​I feel like an oracle fits the theme of a mystic well and like to think conversations with Hiravias and Zahua had an impact on his development. :)

​I want him to be more of a crowd-control / healer type guy, blasting foes with a scepter from a distance.

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Cipher-Rogue because I want to be a pirate! With mind powers!

"That rabbit's dynamite!" - King Arthur, Monty Python and the Quest for the Holy Grail

"Space is big, really big." - Douglas Adams

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After excessive testing in the beta I will start with


Gender: Female

Race: Woodelf

Class: Shieldbearers of St. Elcga / Beckoner

Attributes: 18 MIG, 8 CON, 15 DEX, 10 PER, 18 INT, 8 RES

Culture: Old Vailia

Background: Merchant

Weapon proficiencies: Dagger + Medium Shield

Voice: Kind

Pose: Roguish








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Alright I've cut it down boys.  It's either Pure Hellwalker, Hellwalker Soul Blade because 10 intellect 10 might Soul Annihilation woooo live edgy and die hard, or Soul Blade Devoted because Soul Blade Devoted looks like the best class in the game.  Only three now yay.

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