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  1. I have over 300 games on steam and it's my main platform, I have Pillars 1 on Steam but I went with GoG because it was cheaper but never again. It is their biggest release since Pillars 1 and they can't do a preload and their refund policy is a joke too. I'll only ever use GoG for silly cheap games they clutter the thing with, never again for a major release. That being said, the game is now downloading and maxing out my connection which is good, but a preload and a more transparent refund policy would be appreciated.
  2. GoG is such a joke. Never again. They completely lost me with this release. No preload, crappy refund policy, terrible launch (server problem). Do one GoG.
  3. You can get the digital guidebook for far less. You just didn't pick the right package/addons but with $200 you should get tons of other goodies... Edit: Ah i see you get a hardcover version. They could really add the digital version in that case... Yeah, I've already paid for a physical guidebook (which has been delayed). It would cost them virtually nothing to provide a digital guidebook, not to mention that a digital guide was included in the equivalent Pillars 1 tier. pm me with your email address and I'll send you the digital guide book mate. To add, I'm not sure if it's
  4. Anyone making a cheeky flirty male character just to flirt with all the ladies? I'm considering it.
  5. It's all different nowadays. Big mainstream outlets (IGN etc) can go do one. Magazines, nobody buys those. If you compare the big reviewers of today vs those of 20-30 years ago, reviews were a lot more honest back then. But there's a slew of other small independent YouTube channels and sites that you can chose from. I personally never look at reviews in mainstream media because it is absolutely a paid review and usually poorly written. It also depends how much I am into the genre and how complex the genre is. When ACG reviewed Project Cars 2, it was cringeworthy because he clearly isn't
  6. I bought the game on GoG and I kinda regret it because there's no preload. Anyway, do we know how large the download will be when the game goes live? Not having preload is just stupid, I think I'm done with GoG after this release, their refund policy is also shady compared to Steam.
  7. Steam now changed to "play" for Pillars... still downloading, will try and see if we can play as soon as it's down.
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