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  1. I'm using Minor Blights with Swift Flurry and the crit gaze and a paralyze effect here and there. When Swift Flurry proc on a crit the entire pack I'm attacking dies from a cascade of aoe attacks. I'm on POTD.
  2. It seems random - I'm using that + Helwalker . Insane when I get +3 Might
  3. Still slightly torn on what I want to play. I played a Monk and a Paladin ( Boeroer's charm paladin actually) through most of PoE, but haven't finished it due to work/family among other reasons. Holy Slayer (Bleak/Assassin) seems hilarious with a 2H and swapping to Sabre + parry dagger. From glancing over Rogue abilities I get the feeling that its resource costs is just gonna force me to only use 2 abilities the entire game and just snap up passives and Paladin skills. Maybe dual-wielding shotguns and pretending he's a Mafia Paladin. [Melee Class]/Soulblade or Ascendant - I loved Ciph
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