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[RP Mod] Blind Priest of Wael

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I'm not sure where to post this (We need a modding subforum!!), but since this is mostly role play focused I decided for this place.
My Watcher, an Orlan Priest of Wael, was turned blind by divine intervention and now has to explore the Deadfire without eyesight - my first playthrough is going to be truly blind 8)


To make the mod as unobtrusive as possible I overwrote as few gamedata as I could and didn't touch class progression tables or strings to make it more likely to work with the full release, updates and most other mods. I'm 95% sure it works on release, but of course I keep tabs and will update in case it won't. Instead of changing class progression I overwrote the (purely descriptive) Wael_Deity ability to grant some permanent status effects: -5 Perception, -50% Range, Immunity to Gaze Attacks and Resistance against Perception Affliction (Since a permanent blinded person should not get hit by an additional  "blinded" affliction and maybe in general be more resistant to distractions). This cannot be dispelled in any way and is in not part of a perception affliction, so you can get inspirations like "aware" while still being affected by these status effects. Since NPC priests of Wael seem to have their own progression table without "Wael_Deity" it is unlikely that suddenly every priest of Wael in the world is blind.




Background story:


--Coming soon--








I didn't touch any of the descriptive texts - the battle and character tooltips are less overblown (and don't refer to any of the Wael stuff). For the icon I used the one from "Blessing of Wael", a PL 9 Priest ability. If it turns out to overlap too much with the real Blessing of Wael in the ui I might change it. So far I think it looks pretty nice.




I modified my Orlan's portrait to reflect his new condition (thanks to Aramintai, whose dark, red-eyed colored watercolor portrait I used as a base - it's much prettier than Obsidian's version of this Orlan)





Move the attached file in the "Pillars of Eternity II - Public Beta\PillarsOfEternity2_Data\override" folder and if it doesn't exist, create it.

(alternative download link)


Bonus: If you want any other class to be permanently blind (monk, ciper, chanter,..?), install the mod as seen above, create your character, open console, type "Iroll20s", find your char's ObjectGuid via "findCharacter NAME" and add to your character via "addAbility ObjectGuid 9934e37a-c15b-446c-8337-33714dc05abd"


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Definitely well thought out, especially mechanically. I'm playing a priest of Wael right now too (didn't go with Orlan because I felt it was a bit redundant with Hiravias being inclined towards Wael too) but this is making me rethink that for Deadfire. I may try it!

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One of Wael's extra spells is Gaze of the Adragan, which I believe Blinded characters can't use, so you might want to change that as well for release.


Cool stuff, though.


It's the other way around, blinded characters are immune to any attacks with the "gaze" keyword. That's at least how it worked in the beta

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Modding (up to a certain degree) in Deadfire is fairly easy. You can override items, abilities, status effects and most global variables, which are stored in the various .gamedatabundle files located in \PillarsOfEternity2_Data\exported\design\gamedata, or create your own items, abilities, status effects, etc. You can open and format those files with simple json editors. For just a quick look I recommend open a .gamedatabundle file in the windows editor, copy the text into http://jsonviewer.stack.hu/ and press format. It might take a while for the larger files though.

You can also override or create new strings located \PillarsOfEternity2_Data\exported\localized\en\text\game\ as .stringtable (xml). 


I recommend reading this topic for more information and Gairnulf is working on a modding tool

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