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[Beta4] Assorted list of minor bugs



1. Blizzard description mismatches effect (Recovery Time is different from Action Speed): image

2. Two Weapon Style description missmatches effect (same as with Blizzard)

3. One Handed Style icon makes you think of marksmanship due to that arrow: image

4. Clicking on Weapon in Firebrand (and other summoned weapons) description doesn't show you the actual weapon: image

5. "Cannot die" description on Barring Death's Door and Shieldbearers talent is kinda vague. "Prevents from falling unconscious" would be a more exact note. image

6. Taste of the Hunt - had it's per-tick damage fixed, but visually it still displays total amount: image

7. Withdraw actually doesn't stun, and resistance vs might afflictions doesn't help here. It completely incapacitates instead. It would be nice to edit the description, before players go for aumaua rogue-priests) image

8. Some DoT's don't have penetration listed: image

9. There are a few problems with spiritshift form display in inventory screen: image1, image2

10. Fighter's Charge ability does nothing except consuming discipline.

11. Terrified effect doesn't prevent enemies from using hostile abilities. See Scirocco: image




12. Pollaxe weapon is missing it's attack data: image

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I'm not actually in the Backer Beta, so sorry if I'm not supposed to post here hehe.

I've been scouring very recent beta videos for available abilities and noticed that the Frenzy upgrades (both Spirit and Blood) have the same issue as point 1 from the original post - they say +25% Recovery Time instead of Attack Speed? It seemed like it may be a typo, so I thought I'd mention :)

The base Frenzy appears to still correctly say Attack Speed.


So excited for the game! Thank you!

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