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Update #45 - Sailing the Deadfire Archipelago

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I want, no, I NEED this.


*slobbers everywhere*


Ahem, I mean, jolly good showing chaps!  Looking forward to trying out this ship stuff and the sea shanties and all that.  Tally ho!

"That rabbit's dynamite!" - King Arthur, Monty Python and the Quest for the Holy Grail

"Space is big, really big." - Douglas Adams

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Oh no, I'm super late and can't post my survey results on the Survey Page (nothing listed for me to post to)! I posted on the Forum about a month back. Does this still help? Will I not be able to play on launch day?  ;(

You've got your badge so you redeemed your pledge - so you'll get a key for the game (You can redeem this now through the backer portal).  And then play on launch day.

The survey is for those who pledged at a tier like 'design a pet/island/etc' - if that's you, contact Obs directly and let them know you can't fill in the survey.  Late surveys won't make it into the game for launch but Obs will try to get it in in a later patch.

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*Casts Nature's Terror* :aiee: , *Casts Firebug* :fdevil: , *Casts Rot-Skulls* :skull: , *Casts Garden of Life* :luck: *Spirit-shifts to cat form* :cat:

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In case you missed it during the coverage earlier this month, we are excited to announce that thanks to our publishing partner, Versus Evil, Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire will be coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch this holiday season. Red Cerberus is going to be handling the port of the game so the Deadfire team can remain focused on wrapping up the Windows PC, Mac, and Linux version of the game. 

 Okay, how do I switch Steam version to Nintendo Switch version now?

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A message for the designers.


I found a Youtube video from one of the game reviewers that showed all the steps of a naval encounter, not the puppet version which I find too distracting, and I finally worked it out. We are back in 1988 mode when fluid graphics were too poorly supported to be viable. A naval chase and escape or cannonade or boarding was the most thrilling, chilling and adrenaline pumping of all military encounters except a cavalry charge and you destroyed it with the interface. This could and should be a highlight of the game and that needs fluid graphics using a flowing but pausable combat interface, much like the one that you've always used. You have totally missed an opportunity here.


The complaint I made about the interface in the Beta feeling klunky and that klunkiness not going away doesn't apply to the actual game now that it has been released. It now feels invisible and I don't think about it at all, and yes I am willing to concede that it might be entirely inside my head.


My other complaint was about the intrusiveness of the "between scenes" travelling. That is still intrusive and it feels more and more like 1992 every time it happens.


I started working as a programmer in the mid 1970s and then we had to write our own games and we shared them around. My Lunar Lander became a competition into how fast any of the programmers could crash the lander into the Lunar surface. I can tell you with full honesty and full respect that your POE2 is a master work of the highest order, You have stood on the shoulders of giants and reached even higher. I am in awe of what you have made.

I said "Don't look Ethel!"  But it was too late, she'd already looked.

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