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  1. Smellicus's solution reminds of the early Ultima games where you could capture Lord British, keep him prisoner and torture him until you had unlimited heals.
  2. I'm with DaggerKnight. For different reasons, I tried to make a deal with and got trapped and couldn't get back to my ship. Not without a cheat code at least and I would rather die miserably a failure than die gallantly a cheat. so I say Death to the Royal Deadfire Company! Death to the RDC! And long may you dwell there. (I sound like the US military on a rant, I'm not, I'm just a sad ol sack who only has words left)
  3. Thanks omgFIREBALLS. I also took the job to break the oath and get to find the Floating Hangman. I want that ship. I'll find another way for that once I go back to a previous save game.
  4. I accepted the task of killing Queen Okenaza to get back to my ship, but the ways back were locked when I tried. I then killed everyone in the RDC but the paths back were still locked. I then killed everyone in the Kahanga Palace (no Queen there though, haven't killed her, can't find her). I've since killed everyone I can find across the whole of the island I can reach. I'm now reduced to standing outside Fleet HQ and killing passers by until the flagstones are no longer visible. I've become immensely rich and I don't want to go back to a save game. Does anyone know how I might get bac
  5. If you look at Tonga which has the strongest surviving Polynesian caste system it is a horrible place to be born. You can't change your social strata, your older brothers are expected to boss you around persistently your entire life. It is worse if you are born into the Ariki or elite classes which are *very* complicated, because you get less choice about wht you do in life than if you are born a peasant. The only real hope for any of them is to escape to an industrialised nation. Samoa which has a much lighter caste system is much more livable. That said, the Tongans do seem to like b
  6. Thanks to Mr Hoot's post on the first page of this forum and a little practice I have now mastered ship to ship combat and win every fight. It isn't fun. Then I see that so many other people actually enjoy the ship to ship combat and I wonder WTB (what the Berath) is going on but I think I've worked it out. What Obsidian have done is what Sierra did in Space Quest a generation and a half ago and put a different type of game into the main game. It's a risky strategy and Sierra pulled it off (just) by making it funny, Obsidian have added an unpleasant aftertaste to a delicious game forma
  7. In POE they increased the level cap when they added the first expansion pack. I hope they do the same thing with POE2.
  8. A message for the designers. I found a Youtube video from one of the game reviewers that showed all the steps of a naval encounter, not the puppet version which I find too distracting, and I finally worked it out. We are back in 1988 mode when fluid graphics were too poorly supported to be viable. A naval chase and escape or cannonade or boarding was the most thrilling, chilling and adrenaline pumping of all military encounters except a cavalry charge and you destroyed it with the interface. This could and should be a highlight of the game and that needs fluid graphics using a flowing but
  9. Special thanks to Ethics Gradient. I realise that this is part of your job but you've done a terrific job jiggling us along when we got stuck, keeping a lid on some of the wilder speculations and I have had more fun than I can say searching for codes even though I never found any new ones. Thank you Ethics Gradient.
  10. Then you are fifteen hours ahead of the US and not four hours behind. Tomorrow has already come for them and we are living in it. If you make Tikawara with a double r then it becomes Tikawarra and could easily be a NSW name.
  11. "I see it all about 4 hours after America" I guess that puts you in Polynesia, those names should look comforting and familiar to you too Noctoi. Does Tikawara look familiar to you? It looks like a Ngai Tahu word to me which would make it Kingawara in Maori or Kikawala in Hawaiian but it's just nonsense to me either way.
  12. The game is being released at 3:00am where I live so they'll have had a few hours to sort out any problems. Not that I expect any. The final version of the Beta had no bugs that I ever noticed so I don't expect any problems like that and I've always found Steam to provide good service even though thousands of people trying to get the same game at the same time will be a challenge. What I have found with the Beta is that the player interface feels klunky after playing POE1 and that klunky feeling doesn't go away, and also travelling from one scene to the next isn't seamless as it was in POE
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