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  1. Eh, if they do make one I'm hoping for a nice indexed and bookmarked PDF, much easier to use then anything physical, easier to store, and no risk of papercuts or damage.
  2. I've been looking for an official dev response, before picking my key. I love GOG but I've recently been burned waiting for patches and am thinking of switching for POE 2.
  3. Why? Not all animals equally good. Some are cute, some are tasty. But also there is snakes, frogs, rats, hyenas and possums. And as far I remember, Eder himself not a big fan of orlans. Who are you to say Rats and Hyenas aren't cute?
  4. Eh I loved that part in PoE one, it was a great touch. Reminded me of the Adventure books I read as a kid.
  5. Lets say I have the gog version of the game, how hard will it be to port my saves to steam if I go that route for my pledge?
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