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I have GM in my party (PotD - all inbuilt NPCs) am having troube bringing down the Adra dragon. Normally I don't have much problem when using my own parties (I don't min max) but the game NPCs don't seem to be having much luck at bringing her down.


I think my main problem is GM - she is like a 5th wheel - basically just there to cast paralysis. How can I better use her and what ways can her powers help against the adra dragon in particular? she is using tidefall and the new arlabest from the deadfire pack.


Everyone is level 14

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Why not? mark the whole party, click on the sword icon left of the speed toggle and force the attack.

Better way to use GM: cast Devotions + Inspiring Radiance on her, build a lot of focus on the xaurips, then cast Disintegration on the dragon, followed by Whisper of Treason. Disintegration will keep on working even though she is charmed.

Also, the time while she's charmed is great for getting rid of the andragans and xaurips.

If you have trouble hitting the dragon: Tactical Meld + Borrowed Instincts or Devotions + Inspiring Radiance + Zealous Focus stack to +56 accuracy. That should be enough.

By the way: Tidefall is not the optimal choice for GM. Her MIG is too low and wounding doesn't generate focus. The soulbound arbalest from the Deadfie Pack is crap for a cipher (no lash). It gets slower instead of faster when leveling it up. Must be a bug.

Better alternatives: Blade of the Endless Paths + lash, Drake's Bell + lash, Hours of St. Rumbalt + lash and any other arbalest or arquebus which you enchant with a lash. Lashes generate focus!

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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The Mother can reduce the dragon's DR and increase her own accuracy for disintegrate. You can beat the fight without charming the dragon. I basically did that...although this here is a personal preference. 

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If you don't want to work to hard to beat the dragon and you're relatively high level and have good accuracy, just pick/respec into Psychic backlash and watch every dragon in the game get permastunned :p

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My last Adra Dragon kill (PotD, level 13) had my Cipher's actions go DAoM pot -> auto a Xaurip for focus -> Psychovampiric Shield on Adra Dragon -> Mental Binding on Adra Dragon -> kill.

That fight is straightforward for a Cipher since the dragon can be paralyzed.  Buff party, debuff dragon, Psychovampiric Shield for the -20 will, then hold it down with Mental Binding and PS until dead.

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