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None if I can avoid it.

"Well, let me fix that for more signature bait." - majestic

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None if I can avoid it.

Same, that being said I’m just an old Salt Dog/ curmudgeon so I find it cheap. I’m not saying it’s cheap it is not. I just grumble a lot and like the old d and d rules where no respec was in. Bad build? You suck start again.


For instance I was a Forward Observer in the military you couldn’t just instantly retrain me into a Cannon Crewmen. So I impose those rules on myself. Cause I like pain and failure makes you learn the hard way :)

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Have gun will travel.

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I never respec on purpose.

I always respec when I need (which might happen a couple of time per playthrough for the whole party).

But the most important rule is : I never ever ever respec with a Wizard ! (one would loose her/his spells).


Good to know! I currently have three PoE playthroughs (mostly act 3 and/or WM)  that I might be able to finish before April and it occurred to me I might want to make use of a respec or two while fooling with them in order to make use of different companions to change things up from my only other finished game.

Nomadic Wayfarer of the Obsidian Order


Not all those that wander are lost...

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