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I'm wanting to build the classic D&D Dwarf Fighter/Cleric (Priest) build, ideally using a mighty hammer and plate armor. Is something like that viable? And, if so, could anyone recommend a build? Preferably without complete stat dumps. Essentially, a front-line battle priest. 


Thanks so much! 

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It's doable, but since a priest is normally best when spamming spells rather than hitting things with a hammer, the traditional frontline cleric priest isn't ideal. Paladin is probably closer to what you're looking for, you lose spells but you retain the holy warrior gimmick. The best 'caster' for sitting on the frontline hitting things is probably chanter, since their 'casting' is mostly done passively, so you can still hit things at the same time without issue; probably not quite what you're looking for though, although from a fluff pov a chanter could make for an interesting shaman cleric.


If you still want to do a battle priest anyway, take a look at Dr <3's Pale Knight build as something to get you started. If you don't mind playing an evil character, there's also Skaen.

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The main problem with Priests and hammers in PoE is that they don't match very well (one xception in the late game).
The additional problem is that there is no multiclassing but only some minor cross class talents. One talent for each class. Some of t hem are good. some others are poor.

The best cross class decision would be to choose a priest and then pick Veteran's Recovery which is the cross class talent that comes from the fighter.
Veteran's Recovery is always a good pick for a front liner with good MIG and INT.

Now the problem with the priests is that we have 5 different playable orientations in PoE, each has its own favorite set of weapons:

Eothas (god of light/redemption/birth, benevolent and honest): Flail (1h), Morning Star (2h)
Berath (god of death/life cycle, rational and stoic): Mace (1h), Great Sword (2h)
Magran (god of fire/war/trials, aggressive and clever): Sword (1h), Arquebus (2h)
Wael (god of illusion/secrets/perception, clever and deceptive): Rod (2h), Quarterstaff (2h)

Skaen (god of defoiance/hatred/rebellion, cruel and deceptive ): Stiletto (1h), Club (1h)


As you can see, there are no hammers involved. Things that come close (when we look at blunt force tauma ;)) are flails, morning star and mace. Club is maybe to whimpy for a stout dwarf. You can take other weapons, but you can't get the nice +10 accuracy bonus that the weapons above can get. Also note that hammers in this game are one handed. THere is one exception.

I my opinion one can easily imagine a dwarf with a big, two handed Morning Star. Sadly, the really good morning stars in the game come very, very late. But in general you can easily enchant any morning star to be awesome with some ingredients and special steel. One of the best weapons in the game is Acuan Giamas, a very special Morning Star. It is even better than the TIdefall-setup I mentioned earlier. But Tidefall comes early while this monring star comes so lante that 95% of the game is over once you get it. It's sad.


There are some nice flails in the game. The one with the best dps comes fairly early (Unforgiven). Fails are fast weapons with low base damage though. So, no hefty strikes with mights force or something like that.


Maces are like Morning Stars: not the best unique ones for the main part of the game. However, there is Ravenwing that is quite powerful when you get it (but not too special in the later game, but still good).


There are exceptions to the rule: soulboud and summoned weapons get all the bonuses, they are considered "universal" weapons. Those would be (only listing melee ones that might fit):

- Firebrand: very strong Great Sword made out of fire. Has high base damage, does increased ciritcal hits and does burn damage. Can be summoned by the Belt of the Royal Deadfire Cannoneer (3 per rest) and the Forgemaster's Gloves (3 per rest). Would fit Magran very well. I already used this on Durance and it's great with self buffs like Minor Avatar and so on. Can be achieved pretty early in the game

- Abydon's Hammer: a soulbound two handed hammer that is very strong, but comes very late in the game. Would totally fit a dwarf. Also the whole Abydon theme fits "classic" dwarfs.

- The Grey Sleeper: a sinister soulbound estoc that is ok-ish but also comes quite late

- St. Ydwen's Redeemer: a souldbound great sword that fits Eothas or Berath very well and is awsome against "undead" aka vessels and ok aginat everybody else. Can be achieved mid-game.

- Nightshroud: soulbound mace that is quite meh but would fit Skaen and also Berath, comes late mid-game.


The strongest melee setup with a priest that I know of and which I also played is a priest of Berath with Tidefall (unique great sword). That is great melee single target damage combined with the great spells of a priest.


Firebrand with any melee priest is also nice - the most effective one would be a priest of Skaen with Firebrand.


A priest with a war hammer would be doable, but you would gimp your accuracy.


The other alternative would be to use a fighter and then pick the priestish talent "Acolyte's Radiance" for a bit of party healing and vessel repellent. You can get some items that contain priest spells. This would be mostly melee though and way less casting. You can pick any weapon without drawbacks.


My approach would be a priest of Eothas who uses morning stars until he gets Abydon's Hammer. Abydon's Hammer is also very good for casting damaging spells like Shining Beacon: it gives you +4 MIG which directly improvey the damage of spells.



Hope that helps.


Let me know what you think.

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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I am currently playing a Dwarf priest of Magran who opens with an arquebus then swaps to abydons hammer. The hammer is great, interdiction avatar then ring makes for a good time. I like to summon firebrand after im buffed and go to town just for flavour as it fits magrans fire theme and scion. Late game priest has enough spells they dont really need to melee but its always fun.


I use him as a frontliner with pallegina and dw eder and havent really had any issues on potd. Was a bit squishy at first but that changes if u can get through act 1. I went max Might and Int then split the rest into Dex and Per, left Con at 10 and dumped Res (only due to party play but priest buffs have Res covered easily late game.)

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I would go (and have previously) go with with a Priest if Eothas. Go Dual wield Flails once you reach act 2. The first good flail is Guan’s Share which is a replensher, so between the flail and Veterans Recovery you will stay healthy. I would go something like


Mig 16

Con 10

Dex 10

Per 16

Int 16

Red 10


So hit a lot and with some oomph. Once you get Unforgiven you can dual wield. By then you should be level 6-7 in Act 2 and will not need a Shield. Plus by then you will be casting Consecrated Ground and Circle of Protection. I would suggest a Pally to stand next to for either a Def or Att aura boost.

No matter which fork in the road you take I am certain adventure awaits.

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