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Should healing stay in Resolve, or revert back to Strength?

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In PoE1 it was rare to find an enemy with less than 8 RES, and there were quite a few with 17-18. Average RES of encountered creatures being around 13-14. And than there are also bosses with inflated stats (like Gafonerkos with 26 RES).


So what I am trying to say, that this change could potentially hurt our cc-focused characters, unless base duration of all cc-spells is increased by ~15%.


Btw, what do you think if RES provided a chance to upgrade the incoming inspirations and afflictions instead?

Bosses in PoE1 had godly Resolve because it gave concentration. Obsidian didn't want bosses to get stunlocked. Maybe some non-boss enemies got same treatment. Since RES no longer gives concentration i'm not expecting to see so much Resolve on enemies in POE2.

But i wouldn't give RES duration reduction anyway - durations are already short.


Chance to upgrade inspirations afflictions sounds fine except not all of them can be upgraded.

Vancian =/= per rest.

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Resolve is better than strength for healing done. But i think healing done should be under int. or instead of having healing done boost, con could give a healing received boost. that way people would have more incentive to use constitution, which is almost always my dump stat in PoE. the stats are pretty well balanced in PoE except might and con imo.

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I'd prefer Might to revert to its Pillars form and Resolve to be buffed in some other way, but having Healing moved to Resolve whilst Might retains Damage wouldn't bother me that much. It makes Resolve the more defensive stat, and fits well with tanky Fighters and Paladins benefiting for their healing abilities whilst not messing up the hybrid damage dealers. It's also unlikely to require people to significantly change the attributes of imported characters, which is my biggest problem with the change.

I have to agree with Jerek here.  Taking 10 Resolve Paladins/Priests cause Resolve just was not that good is just dumb.  The flavor of the class (and others like it) is that they are a leader yet they have the average resolve of a regular grunt in combat.  Those arch types are meant to be "leading the band as they say" if they have crappy resolve well they should not be good leaders.  This also helps them fuel their abilities that are natural to the class for example Lay on Hands, Priest AOE heals and chanter AOE heals.  It also helps the defensive types with better passive healing.  I like it.  


PS I still always take 15 Resolve on my Paladin in POE 1 cause I want the concentration so I do not get interrupted casting a heal, casting an exhortation or quick switching to an Arbalest for a FoD Alpha.  The extra 5 deflection is meh but  it also has the third effect of being good RP for a Paladin.

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Have gun will travel.

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