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Soul Whip + Biting Whip stacking issue



1. Start a new game.

2. Create a Cipher character.

3. At level-up, make sure you select Biting Whip as one of your talents.

4. Attack a Tikaware bystander to initiate combat in order to activate Soul Whip/Biting Whip.

5. Land a hit during combat and check its damage breakdown by holding shift while mousing over the combat log entry.

6. Observe that Soul Whip + Biting Whip are giving you a 20+40 = 60% damage boost.




Note that the same applies to Soul Whip + Draining Whip, which give you 20+20 = 40% extra damage.


Is this intended?


The abilities' tooltip seem to suggest that Biting Whip would change Soul Whip from 20% to 40%, whereas Draining Whip would change it from 20% damage to 20% damage + 20% focus gain increase.




Dam ninja'd me on the bonus issue I mention below— https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/94674-skill-cipher-biting-draining-whip/


Bonus issue:


1. Start a new game.

2. Create a multiclass character with Cipher as its second class.

3. Level-up the character.

4. At 4th level, select Biting Whip and hit next; now the game will let you pick a second ability for this level up.

5. Observe that you can pick Draining Whip even though you've already taken Biting Whip.


Biting Whip + Draining Whip stack with each other. In combination with the bug above, this gives you 20+20+40= 80% extra damage on top of 20% more focus gain.


Even if the above is not a bug and Biting Whip is indeed meant to give you 60% (and Draining Whip 40%), I'm quite positive Biting Whip and Draining Whip should be mutually exclusive.

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