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SKILL - CIPHER - biting + draining whip



A multiclass rogue/cipher is able to select, at level 4, both draining AND biting whip, which are mutually exclusive.



1/ get a rogue/cipher hybrid

2/ level up to 4

3/ select Biting whip, click Next

4/ for some reason (is that intended with multis ?), you get another skill point, good.

5/ now select Draining whip, click Next



The effects do not seem to stack however, as my Active Effects tab only shows Biting Whip, and no mention whatsoever of Draining Whip.


The Abilities 2nd level cipher spells section does show both, though.

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Hey dam,


There are a good amount of these odd multiclass passive issues available. It looks like you found the cause in that its the extra point awarded. 


I've bugged this issue in our system for our devs to investigate, so thanks for the post!


You the best,



I like big bugs and I cannot lie...

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