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  1. Refer to this: Makes zero sense why the first hit would get cancelled. At worst it should just cancel out the lashes.
  2. As you can see from the screenshots, the fire lash from Shared Flames (and other lash skills) cancels the first attack with frost weapons. Normally this isn't a huge deal for dps, but I'm trying to one shot my skeletons for the Lord of the Imps build, and taking 2 attacks instead of 1 per summon is pretty game breaking.
  3. It actually hits things in that circle. Without the modal you don't actually do any aoe damage.
  4. Part of the problem is that you can't use the autopause for spell complete and spell almost done since they go off on every ability and attack. Hopefully when that's fixed it'll be easier to aim spells and thus feel better when playing with long spells. Also, the new spell cast times seem to screw over ciphers, since they no longer have "Oh ****" buttons.
  5. Oh ya, didn't mean to imply it was intentional. Just that it's what's currently happening in the beta.
  6. All multiclasses can select 2 abilities when they increase power tier IIRC. You can then select 2 different paths for the same skill.
  7. Since the beta doesn't list race bonuses in character creation for some reason, anyone wanna list them all here or somewhere else accessible (wiki, etc)?
  8. In the below screenshot, you can see the "on spellcast" autopause triggering on random BS triggers at the beginning of the game.
  9. Should this be available now or tomorrow? Because my shipment status for Pillars 2 is at "Pending" and there's no Backer Beta in my products page.
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