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Disappearing act/ right click item issue



I have discovered that when in stealth and equipping armour my character portrait will disappear. So far this only happens when I equip fine level equipment and while in stealth.


To recreate I just go into stealth and equip armour of fine quality or higher. 


As soon as I leave stealth and equip a different piece of armour the issue goes away and then I just need to re-equip the armour from before to see it on my character.


The second screen shot here shows an issue I have discovered with equipment.  When I right click Cruelty and Curious to show more information it closes the window. The only way to see what the ability does is to left click on it.


This can be reproduced with any item in the game which has right clickable text in its description. 


My apologies if these have already been brought up I went through the forum and didn't see anything talking about this but I may have missed a thread.



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