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  1. I have found an issue when hovering over character attributes I don't see what is increasing or decreasing a stat. I find this happens with my main character more than the others. Second I made a character with a dexterity of 20 so I should have a -30% action speed but for spells and weapons when I look over it says -23%.
  2. Out of curiosity is the math right for soul annihilation. I took a shot of the raw damage below and I just feel like 225.7 damage seems quite high for a level seven character. I am playing a monk/cipher.
  3. I have discovered that when in stealth and equipping armour my character portrait will disappear. So far this only happens when I equip fine level equipment and while in stealth. To recreate I just go into stealth and equip armour of fine quality or higher. As soon as I leave stealth and equip a different piece of armour the issue goes away and then I just need to re-equip the armour from before to see it on my character. The second screen shot here shows an issue I have discovered with equipment. When I right click Cruelty and Curious to show more information it closes the windo
  4. This is a difficult one to show as the screen shot won't show the issue so I will describe it as best as possible. If I click preview ability for your first class and then I pick a second class that is above the first one in the list and click preview ability, I see the abilities of the first class. This issue doesn't happen if the first chosen class is above the sevond class choice. Example: pick monk and then pick cipher click preview abilities for cipher show monk abilities or monk subclass abilities If I choose barabrian and then rogue I will see the correct preview abilities
  5. I have those options but I also have deadfire archipelago as my culture. What culture is your character set too? Shouldn't matter but I am curious if thisnis the only way to open the dialogue at this time.
  6. Also curious about this. I backed on fig when it was first announced. I know I have pledged successfully got the OST as well as Tyranny coupon and the cook book. Have yet to figure out where the badge is or why it isn't showing up here.
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