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List of Bugs



Someone's probably reported it, but the UI flickers a lot. Other than that, I took some screen shots to show you.


Facial hair for godlikes.




I killed this xaurip that kept standing there. (Highlighted)




After combat with the golem thing, my player character (transcendent) kept punching the air. (I call it the shadowboxing bug.)





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I too have encountered the issue with the xaurip standing there after combat.


It also happened with a blight and with a desert wurm.


Unfortunately I couldn't pinpoint the root cause, as the bug would not necessarily occur every time. I could repeat the same fight ten times and get ten different outcomes. Once I had three desert wurms affected, then just one, then none.


In some cases the enemies would just stand there inactive and impossible to target, with still some health. Combat wouldn't end but nobody could do anything. Fairly annoying bug. Will keep trying to repro.

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Thanks for the bugs!


I believe the infinite combat bug is a problem that can be easily repro'd with Mule Kick; some of our creatures don't have animations to play after getting knocked in to the air/prone, so they just get stuck there and you can't target them. It's a bug that's currently being tracked internally, but I'm sorry you guys have to experience it. =(


Same goes for the "shadowboxing" bug (which I love that you named it that... makes me want to go play Monster Hunter). You should be able to stop this one by just issuing an attack command to the character that's experiencing this (tell him to punch something, even another teammate will work); it'll force their animation to reset and they'll realize they're being a big ol' dummy and sheath their weapon/fists.


I hadn't seen the godlike hair bug until checking out the forums, so thanks for that! I've written it up and added it to our database =)

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I try my very best.

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