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Did the last patch bug St. Yedwin?



I am getting ZERO destroy on hit/crit for vessels and I am 50% through Galvinos.  My luck cant be that bad.  Eder has it and he has Disc barrage and ACC from a Darcozzi Paladin and a Priests Devotions of the Faithful stacking.


Ok just finished Galvinos and not one proc.  Not even for raw damage.  Plus the party is level 12 and the exploding constructs are 9.  Not one proc.




Everyone is level 12

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Have gun will travel.

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A while back I bound it to Maneha and she scored no destroys during the first floor of Durgan's Battery. I ended up unbinding it and binding it to my main character Paladin instead, and he promptly starting scoring destroys at roughly the rate you'd expect. This is purely anecdotal, but I wonder if there's a bug where it sometimes doesn't activate it's destroy proc when soulbound.


I'd suggest unbinding and rebinding and seeing if the problem is still there (assuming you've not already tried that).

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