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I've not long picked up PoE, I've only just made it to the grieving mother in terms of length, so I have quite a long time to go.

I'm deciding as I'm now understanding the game a bit more, to restart and build my Watcher as a Paladin tank, to get as many dialogue and lore options out as possible, I'd like for them to be in the frontline, as previously i had Eder tank. I imagine that for my next (And hopefully the run that i complete the game with)

I'll run with my Paladin as the Main tank, Eder as an offtank, and eventually picking up the other Paladin companion and utilizing her for damage (if it's viable), i guess I'll be throwing in Durance and Aloth, and possibly Kana.


When it comes to those companions, i have no idea how to build them to suit my parties needs, I also have no idea how i should build my paladin to fulfill the role I'm after, stat and talent wise, in order to get the best use out of him.

I'm hoping that some of the more experienced players of PoE can give me a nice stat spread and playstyle that would suit my Paladin tank.

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For the race I would consider 3 races: coastal aumaua (for the resistance to stun/prone), the pale elf (for the fire/cold resistances) or the wild orlan (for the defensive buff triggered by attacks against will - ie bosses with fear auras).


For stats I would start with max mig/resolve. The other stats are less important if you don't play on PoTD. If you want to min/max you can start with low dex/int and high con/per. If you ignore the exhortations which are pretty weak you don't need int until lv13 when you get Sacred Immolation (at this point you can lower your constitution and increase your intellect).


For talents: Flames of Devotion (use it with arquebuses/arbalests at the beginning of the fight to pull and deal heavy damage), Weapon and Shield Style, Zealous Focus, Deep Faith, Sworn Enemy, Superior Deflection, Righteous Soul, Bear's Fortitude, Lay on Hands, Snake's Reflexes, Reviving Exhortation, Scion of Flame, Sacred Immolation, Weapon Focus,...


For items: Worn Buckler/Little Savior, Drawn in Spring, Cloak of Comfort, Ring of Deflection & Protection, plate armor/Ryiona's Breastplate, Gauntlets of Accuracy, Boots of Stability, Girdle of Eoten Constitution/Looped Rope, Garodh's Chorus/Maegfolc Skull.


This build can tank anything, is able to revive a companion once per encounter and will ensure that your party is very hard to kill.

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Kaylon's post is true. But, i'm personally strongly advice has at least 15 or even 17 DEX (17 DEX is enough to get 20 DEX with equipment). Paladin can't speedup their actions on per-encounter basis as wizards, and to get better feedback on actions is much more important in my taste. Paladin has many support skills, so you often should finish recovery phase from attack, and then apply exhoration or lay on hands or other. 30% from DEX is very big. While 30% from MIG will not make you good damage dealer anyway.  So, if you go with support paladin is important to take fast weapon too! For example sword is more slow than spear (which you can craft as you want), or even take more faster dagger which already suggested (Dawn in Spring). Bigger DEX just allow you feedback faster on battlefield. This is not very important early in game, but later in game, when fight even in slow mode happens still very fast - i'm personally prefer action speed over might. Again, even 10 MIG is still enough to perform great heals and great damage from Sacred Immolation. Any might with Sacred Immolation work just because it is AOE passive damage. 


Surely, it is depends from playstyle. For me - 10 MIG is enough from PoE 1.0, and this is still true... But others prefer stack might/damage bonuses all which they can, and this is also has own sense. Just as alternative - DEX is not a bed choice. Also DEX helps a lot with reloading weapons.

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Pretty good advice. Exhortations aren't weak at all. Liberating Exhortation is great can get party members out of bad CCs. Reinforcing is really good and a party member with a back up shield that is not a tank and is getting focused all the sudden doesn't get insta gib. Reviving has saved Ironman runs for me.


A Darcozzi Paladini with high Int and Inspiring Iiberation(upgraded Liberating that they only get) is the meta in PoTD for Paladins as accuracy is king. You can't outlast enemies as no matter how good your defense powerful bosses will eventually kill you if left alive too long. There ACC is too high and it's 50 50. Kill stuff fast or be at the mercy of the dice.


Lastly a Paladins weakness is when he's the last person alive and has no way to higher his low base ACC. With Zealous focus, Sworn Enemy and upgraded Liberating no Paladin can reach his ACC


My advice is for a Paladin tank take Weapon and Shield style, Veterans Recovery and then go as offensive as possible. It's enough and kill stuff as fast as possible. I'm a huge fan of tanking but in a game with no aggro it's bleh. Yes you can block door ways but you won't always be able too and if you go full defense you might find yourself with everyone knocked out and dying eventually cause you can't kill that last Caen Gwla. I've been there and it sucks.

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Pale Elf (10 fire/cold DR is highly impactful and used a lot) Darcozzi I use in heavy melee offensive party - so split a lot of incoming damage. Ranger pet, monk, followed by Paladin takes the most damage, but the Paladin also has the best defenses and DR.


Mig 18

Dex 19

Con 9

Int 19

Per 10

Res 3

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If you want you can try this one:




This build got quite pleasant feedback from this community, so I think it's fun to play.


He's not the tankiest paladin there is, but after a few levels he'll tank good enough on PotD difficulty. I would put another sturdy (not necessarily tank) character by his side.

On the upside he's very flexible and useful: he can charm like few others (no problem charming bosses), he has the best alpha strike damage a paladin can have, his Sacred Immolation is great without the need for retraining and he's a great supporter. And he covers most dialogue options, too, which makes him a good man character.

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