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  1. I came across this guide and it looks pretty good, it detailed what skills are worth taking on the cipher, would you say this is a good start? https://fextralife.com/pillars-of-eternity-2-builds-guide-inquisitor/ It's from 2018 so I don't know if any patches have made it moot since then. Would you also say the focus of Int/Perception is still the go-to for stats?
  2. Great, time to put all the information to use! Good to know about the phrases as well, thank you very much for all the helpful advice! Edit: I have changed my mind haha! I did some more googling and I've decided I'm going to rock a Paladin/Cipher instead, i was looking at all the buffs they're able to provide themselves, and it looks like a Paladin/Cipher will be capable of dishing out the biggest hits.
  3. I think i may go for the Paladin/Skald, as that'll be able to provide a bit of utility to some of the group as well, the idea of dishing out big crits appeals to me as well, so to gain a benefit from the crits more than just damage will be great. I hate to ask, but do you have any recommendations on any must have skills/etc? Flames of devotion is an obvious one, alongside the paladin auras. I'm thinking the stat spread would probably be something like 18 might/18 int for the chanter phrases, but I'm not sure? I've never played a Skald before. I have the beraths blessings aswell for the +2 bonuses on each stat, and access to the 50k gold if there's anything worth grabbing early on.
  4. Sounds good! So am i understanding right that with the conal AoE from WotEP, it causes the abilities to hit everything with that ability, essentially turning a single target ability into an AoE? If so, i think I'll end up going for a trickster rogue. Going to end up having 3 rogues in the party haha!
  5. The Paladin/Trickster combo seems pretty neat, would it be worth going for that even if I'm trying to get Eder to take the majority of the focus? As they would lose a lot of value from offensive parry if they're not getting hit as much. It does sound like a very fun playstyle for me though, so I'd love to try it out if you think it'd be valuable with this party setup i have going, otherwise I think i may just end looking up a Paladin/Cipher.
  6. Sounds good! I was originally planning to have Tekehu as the support of the group, mainly being a healer but I see now that if i were to put him in that role, I'd be losing a lot of the value from his unique subclass. I plan on having Eder use a dual wield setup, as I found the Engaging Eder build and that looks like a lot of fun to watch play out, would you say a Paladin/troubadour would work well if i were to focus them on 2 handed weapons? I love the theme of a Paladin rocking a two handed weapon, and if that would be possible to utilize that would be great, my only caveat is that I prefer to play as a more 'good aligned' character, so that rules out Bleak walkers and steel garotte.
  7. Thank you for the reply. Xoti it is! Will she not overlap with Tekehu much? I was originally thinking of a Cipher for my watcher, though that'd leave Eder as the only frontline and i wasn't sure if just him would be enough, or if two is the sweet spot I'd want to hit. I'm basically looking to make POTD as accessible as possible for myself, so that i can have the challenge but not feel like i'm hitting my head against a wall at times, though i know this will inevitably happen at points.
  8. Hey guys, I'm looking to start my first ever POTD run in a long time, I'm not incredibly good at these sorts of games, but I really do enjoy them and I'm eager to learn. I've got my party kind of figured out, but there are some gaps I could use some help filling. For the companions i know for a certain that i definitely want the following: Eder: Swashbuckler Tekehu: Druid Maia: Scout but that's it, I don't know what companion i would like to fill the 4th slot, or what class my watcher could be to best fit the parties needs, does anyone have any suggestions/helpful advice?
  9. I was thinking of maybe going Paladin/Chanter and focusing on her being more offensive, and when i get Palegina, either going Paladin/Chanter on her and making her more defense oriented if i don't go the Fighter route, but then that may be too many 'tanky' characters and i'd be losing out on damage, I'm not sure.
  10. I'm planning on dipping into the POTD difficulty and I'm wondering what class for my watcher will compliment the party setup i'm going for the most. I'm going for Eder as a Fighter/Rogue, being my off-tank. Xoti as a pure priest, providing the healing for the group, i'll have her sat at the back avoiding combat so she can cast buffs/debuffs as soon as needed. Pallegina i'm torn between being Paladin/Chanter or Paladin/Fighter, I don't know if having her be a pure frontline tank or semi-support would be better. Maia probably as a Ranger/Rogue, but this may be the spot i rotate around for different companions. Following the party setup, what class would compliment this setup well for my Watcher?
  11. I'm looking to create a dual pistol using watcher for my first playthrough, specifically sticking to ranged only, I'm unsure on which classes suit this playstyle better, the ranger has Gunner, but seems most of the other passives are tailored towards the pet, devoted seems good if i specialize in pistol, most of the actives seem a bit un-needed other than disciplined strikes(is that it?) and one of the stances that gives accuracy i think. Would a good combo be an Assassin/Devoted?
  12. I've not long picked up PoE, I've only just made it to the grieving mother in terms of length, so I have quite a long time to go. I'm deciding as I'm now understanding the game a bit more, to restart and build my Watcher as a Paladin tank, to get as many dialogue and lore options out as possible, I'd like for them to be in the frontline, as previously i had Eder tank. I imagine that for my next (And hopefully the run that i complete the game with) I'll run with my Paladin as the Main tank, Eder as an offtank, and eventually picking up the other Paladin companion and utilizing her for damage (if it's viable), i guess I'll be throwing in Durance and Aloth, and possibly Kana. When it comes to those companions, i have no idea how to build them to suit my parties needs, I also have no idea how i should build my paladin to fulfill the role I'm after, stat and talent wise, in order to get the best use out of him. I'm hoping that some of the more experienced players of PoE can give me a nice stat spread and playstyle that would suit my Paladin tank.
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