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Some New Minor Info About Spells in Deadfire

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I don't think he has elaborated on the new armor Penetration system. I wonder how it can be any simpler than the current system? Maybe they've eliminated different DRs for different damage types?

"It has just been discovered that research causes cancer in rats."

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Tangent perhaps, but excellent news they have changed to .xml files (hopefully for a LOT of stuff), and hopefully that means a more logical structure to them too. Should make it easier to mod the game, even without "proper" modding support, at least straightforward stuff like changing items and spells and such, and presumably introducing new ones. We can at least hope.

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Long cast spells have a much longer cast time than in Pillars 1 and are vulnerable to being interrupted and lost.


That's new. Previously, interrupted spells just took longer to cast. Now you can forget them by being hit?



More like "this spell got screwed up, I need to start over" than forgetting, IMO.

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More like if you can cast 2 Fireball Spells, & got interrupted doing so : The Spell will be considered as "used" anyway.

So you'll have 1 Fireball left to cast.


Right, however you imagine the new casting system to work instead of memorization. Magic mojo being harmlessly discharged into the ether or whatever. Blowing your magical load.

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I think you meant to post on the other thread, and what is coll/coil animations?


Aloths side bangs seem rather stiff though, particularily noticeable when he leans forward to read the grimoire.



Stiff? They're slicked back. Probably with bacon grease or something.

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