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Just thought it might be interesting to to think up some new abilities or ability tweaks that might improve game-play for POE2.


I'm obsessed with Paladins and I'd like to see sworn enemy get buffed as it's a cool thematic ability. Personally I'd give sworn enemy more uses per encounter but make it do a small amount of raw damage to the Paladin while the effect is active, it would physically hurt the Paladin to leave their nemesis alive and it would resonate with the sacred immolation ability (Paladin sacrifices their health to do greater damage).


Another thing I was thinking of would be to allow reviving exhortation be used to raise an enemy corpse to do the Paladins bidding till the end of the encounter. Necromancer Paladin just seems cool to me


Anybody else have any ideas they'd like to share?


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I think your suggestions for Sworn Enemy and Reviving Exhortation would suit a paladin subclass. Some kind of inquisitor or zealot.


As for ideas, I've got a few:


Ability: Head Slam

Class: Monk (or Barbarian)

Description: Slams two enemies in front of the character against each other, dealing damage and stunning both for a short duration. If there is only a single enemy, monk head-slams the target himself. He doesn't get stunned, but takes half of the damage.


Ability: Linked Power

Class: Cipher

Description: All charmed and dominated enemies, stop attacking and start channeling their power towards the cipher. Cipher gets a 5 MIG stackable bonus per each affected target.


Ability: Shadow Harvest

Class: Cipher, or maybe some "Shadow Priest" subclass

Description: Deal high damage over time to self and all enemies around the caster. Dealt damage to the enemies heals the caster.


Spell: Razor-thin Chakram

Class: Wizard

Description: Deal raw damage to everyone in the line, leaving hit and crit targets exsanguinated, placing a raw DoT on them.

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I'd like to see existing or new abilities using characters' body instead of weps, kicking for knockdown ability, headslam as suggested above, some acrobatic moves to make rogues [seem] more mobile in the battlefield and ofc exclusive monk animations etc.


Rogue exclusive bomb-throw ability(extended range); when highlighted it'll show the bombs in their inventory/quickslot, which they will volley-kick into target area, like serving in tennis but with their feet obviously :p

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I'd kinda like to see a high level beam power, counterpart to Ecto Echo, but that doesn't need an ally to cast it on (maybe even create a cipher clone as recipient of the cipher and you can choose where it spawns) that doesn't hurt allies just like Echo.

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Id like:

Barbarian (Skald subclass) > loses frenzy, gains several War Cries, per Encounter, per X level

Barbarian (Berserker subclass) > takes additional damage but cannot die during frenzy, gains Jump Attack and Whirlwind, per Encounter, per X level

Paladin (Divine subclass) > gains several Auras (reputation and Order dependand), loses Defense bonuses

Paladin (Hunter subclass) > loses Lay on hands and Flames of Devotion, gains several (Smite) Favoured Enemies, per Encounter, per X level

Chanter (Battlechanter subclass) > reduced access to invocations, more powerful chants and gains several War Horns, per Encounter, per X level

Chanter (Loremaster subclass) > less initial chants per level but can aquire additional special chants and invocations in the game world

Priest (Fallen subclass) > no specific Deity, loses Holy Radiance, gains access to a wider amount of spells from other Deities

Priest (Battlepriest subclass) > no offensive spells availiable, gains several Weapon enchantments instead, per Encounter, per X level

Cipher (Mentalist subclass) > loses Soul Whip, Focus regenerates naturally, Focus descreases when hit, random power selection when casting (Wild Mage)

Cipher (Animancer subclass) > trades limited power selection for the ability to temporarily steal enemies spells and per encounter abilities

Ranger (Spirit Master subclass) > loses animal companion, able to summon spirit version of animal companion, per Encounter, per X level

Ranger (Beastmaster subclass) > exotic animal companion (dragon / dinosaur), fewer ranged abilities

Druid (Shapeshifter subclass) > shapeshift is not limited in duration, gains additional forms, fewer spells per encounter

Druid (Avenger subclass) > loses shapeshift, gains Spell Frenzy: random spell selection with chance of more powerful spells (upgraded spells)

Rogue (Assassin subclass) > fewer dirty fighting abilities but gains hide in plain sight, per Encounter, per X level

Rogue (Mechanic subclass) > loses sneak attack, better gun accuracy, gains construct companion

Fighter (Sword Master subclass) > loses weapon specialization, makes ranged attacks with melee weapons (sword wave, mace quake, etc.)

Fighter (Swashbuckler subclass) > loses some defensive abilities, better battlefield agility, gains charge at enemy, per Encounter, per X level

Wizard (Necromancer subclass) > loses defensive spells, gains undead summons, makes ranged attacks with 2h staffs

Wizard (Arcane Knight subclass) > has constant arcane armor (++DR), fewer spells per encounter

Monk (Master subclass) > slower unarmed damage progression, makes ranged attacks when being unarmed, gains force wave, per Encounter, per X level

Monk (Kensai subclass) > cannot equip armor (slot lost), gains weapon specialization, wounds increase self-concealment and lead to often misses

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