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Hiravias Bug? Can someone help me fix?



Hello! This is my first fourm post and I'll cut to the chase. I sent Hiravias to escort Berolt from Caed Nua. I didn't want to go to Twin Elms without him so I did some WM II quests while I waited for his six days to finish up. When he got back all of his loot was gone and stark naked (this is really disheartening because he had two soul weapons bound to him along with an invisible cloak) and he was under level. When I tried to level him up his name wasn't even Hiravias anymore but "tGender" and then two of him spawned! However only one of them could follow me while the other just stood still. I've got some screenshots as proof

PLEASE HELP! I have only one save before buggy!Hiravias shows up and unfortunately, I don't have any saves made before I sent him to escort Berolt. 


Edit: Here's a link to the pictures as proof



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Please, could someone respond? If I need to give someone a Dropbox of my saves I'll do it. I pretty much can't continue my playthrough because Hiravias won't move or accept any gear I give him. I really don't want to scrap 45+ hours of gameplay.

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No idea what caused that bug. The save file could get corrupted, or something went wrong when Hiravias came back and joined your party.


Thus no solution. What you could try through is:

- remove everyone from party except Hiravias

- go to an inn and respec him

- remove, and re-add back to party, and see what happens


Or you could give up on Hiravias, and hire a custom druid (and if you lost any items, add them via console).

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