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Which TRPG do you want to see adapt for CRPG?


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I think the question is a bit outdated considering that several of the most popular tabletop names have come to PCs repeatedly.  Shadowrun, D&D, and Warhammer all have multiple good videogames.  Other popular settings havel also made the translation.  Vampire has two, Numenera has one, and Pathfinder has one coming (after a disaster of an MMO).  Fallout started as a GURPS imitation.


Many of the later pnp systems I've tried actually would make worse translations than the older ones.  That's because a focus on collaborative story-telling and speeding play has led to looser rules in many newer systems.  4e would have made for better games than 5e for that reason.  You can see the problem this posed for TToN, which never had satisfactory combat.  I like D6 quite a bit, but it would make a terrible computer game.



I wouldn't mind trying an Ars Magica game.  I think Paranoia as a setting would be really fun, but would require Alpha Protocol style reactivity and people would think it was a reference to portal.

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Cyberpunk 2020. (CDPR isn't exactly doing that (a conversion of the tabletop game). They are not using the now-retro "80's scifi" theme, nor the PnP rules either in the way they were used in the tabletop game.)


Other than that... I remember Paranoia was a good little bit of fun. Might work on computer too.

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