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Hey guys, its my first time playing Pillars of Eternity and im kinda new to this games where the starting character creation matter so much, so i decided to make an account and ask for a little bit of help. Just wanted to know if anyone had a decent build for a first playthrough using a paladin, i dont mind tanking or buffing my allies i just love the paladin lore and being a Human in most games so if those two things could be met i would be open to any builds.

Thanks alot :D

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Boeroer's Counselor Ploi build is my favourite Paladin build. It does everything you'd want from a tank/support Paladin and quite a lot more (Paladin's aren't normally a class with charm, but Boeroer made his one with items). It's a Wood Elf, but you could easily make it a human without much trouble (you'll lose some Accuracy with your charms, but if you're playing on Hard mode or easier, you'll basically be getting +15 Accuracy compared to Boeroer's game anyway).


For something a little simpler Sh!t's on Fire is basically the standard Paladin build. Again the stated race is Wood Elf but you could go Human without any problems.


Beyond that, all the Paladin builds in the Build List are excellent so you can't go all that wrong picking one.

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I would second the Counselor Ploi build.


Also, if you want pure tanking + buffing (no cc) out of your paladin, you can try something like 18/15/6/6/18/15 or 18/16/8/8/18/10 darcozzi (for the Inspiring Liberation) or goldpact knight (for  the Bond of Duty); and get out of paladin stuff only: Lay on Hands, Zealous Endurance or Zealous Focus with improvement,  Greater Lay on Hands, Aegis of Loyalty, Coordinated Attacks, Liberating Exhortation + Improvement, Righteous Soul and Sacred Immolation.

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