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I hope the npc's react more to our disposition

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I doubt that budget is the limiting factor here. Talented writers are a rare resource, and the amount of work they can produce in a given time frame is finite. That's why I think the priority should still be the actual story. I'd rather want to see more class-specific content than blow the already bloated disposition system completely out of proportions.

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And to our race. I was disappointed by lack of reaction to supposedly rare minorities, like Coastal Amaua, Wild Orlan, and especially Godlike.


[Honest] When Josh was asked about this on Q&A, he said that they didn't want to overdo it. Something to the effect of: It would get boring real fast if every single person said "Oh my god, a godlike!"


[Rational] I would argue that your disposition should reset with every city. I mean, your reputation is spread by gossip, yes? If you do something amazing, it might spread far and wide, but is your making aggressive or saucy statements really newsworthy on the other side of the country?


[Jerk] Now stop asking questions, and go and do some fetch and carry quests for me.

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They hit a pretty good ratio in the White March of disposition reaction and class/background specific dialogue, I think. Maybe some stuff was still not represented well but they clearly got it way better than some stretches of the main quest.

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