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The art thread


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Some of my paintings:






And this one should surprise nobody I painted:



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"All of life’s lessons come with a price…
We may learn a lesson, and things may get better in the end…
So that’s the trade off…life experience for exhaustion… wisdom for innocence.
There may be a happy ending to our stories…
but we paid for that with little pieces of our souls and we will never get those back."

-Austin Lunn


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You did those Agiel? That is amazing!

Edited by Guard Dog

"While it is true you learn with age, the down side is what you often learn is what a damn fool you were before"

Thomas Sowell

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Antonio Berni











I'm placing some of the art under spoilers for the inclusion of some material that could fall out of the forum guidelines. To this regard, I'd like to know from any moderator how nudity and violence in the realm of art are judged according to image guidelines since these aspects tend to be perceived differently in the context of painting and the likes. Of course I would reckon explicit depictions of sexual acts (e.g. the naughtier Hokusai illustrations) are a no-no regardless of context.

Edited by algroth

My Twitch channel: https://www.twitch.tv/alephg

Currently playing: Fallout 2

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