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Obsidian, please make the Space Pig plushie an add-on

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TL;DR: I really want a Space Pig plushie, but I'm unable to back at a $500+ level... surely I cannot be the only one?


To all the excellent people at Obsidian Entertainment — hear my plea!


Now that the Backer Portal is up :banana: , will you please (pretty please, with sugar on top? I'll be your bestestest friend…) consider the option of making the Seriously Fluffy Space Pig Plushie (or SFSPP for short) available as an add-on? Some of your backers may not be able and/or willing to back at a $500+ level, thus being forever denied the ownership of a SFSPP (and thereby decreasing their total amount of happiness forever). And you know what? It may even increase the total amount of money pledged to the Deadfire project. (Warning: incoming arithmatic.)


Suppose we have x Deadfire backers. Of those, let's assume that 1% is willing and/or able to back at the $500 level to obtain the SFSPP. (Yes, I know 1% is rather high, but this is just an example.) In this case, the SFSPP will net Obsidian 5x dollars (i.e., 1% of $500).

But! What if the SFSPP was available as an add-on? Let's assume that $40 will net you this amazing creature. The percentage of backers willing to shell out a measly $40 (compared to the staggering amount of $500) to obtain our little SFSPP now rises to 15%. (Again, this is chosen arbitrarily.)
In this case, the SFSPP will net the fine folk at Obsidian 6x dollars! (15% of x backers all paying an extra $40). That's a 20% increase in revenue!


Anyway, all kidding aside: is there a chance the SFSPP will become available as an add-on? Also, what do you think, dear backer/reader?


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Well, they'd have to sell it at a steep mark-up to account for profit after paying manufacturing costs, likely the item will be drop shipped by the manufacturer (and we already assume shipping costs as per other physical rewards) but I don't know that the demand is as high as you are estimating.

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Imo making it available as an add-on would cheapen it as a thank-you token to backers who contributed $500+, which is what the plushie was designed for in the first place. Obsidian felt those backers should receive something special to reward their generosity; if anyone could get the plushie as an add-on to any tier, it would no longer be a special token of anything—rather just another item on the pile of stuff high-tier backers already get.


And I say this as a backer who's below the $500 mark.

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I am definitely in favor of a way to get the space pig plushy without having to pay $500. The space pig is a relatively small part of the price at that level, and frankly I am tired of game companies making things limited on purpose in a manner that can only be described as greedily mercenary (I'm looking at you EA, Blizzard, and Hi-Rez), I don't want Obsidian going down that road, and I find it personally abusive to me, the customer. I'd pay at most $100, and honestly for that all I would want would be the plushy, the CE, and the Hardcover Guidebook (maybe a GOG digital copy too). The rest of that stuff I don't really care about.

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