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  1. Well, they'd have to sell it at a steep mark-up to account for profit after paying manufacturing costs, likely the item will be drop shipped by the manufacturer (and we already assume shipping costs as per other physical rewards) but I don't know that the demand is as high as you are estimating.
  2. I had the cookbook from my Royal edition. Ah well, I'll start plowing into Tyranny soo-- Steam key? Why? Why can't I redeem it on GOG?
  3. I control the party members individually. It's a pain, but it's in the spirit of the game.
  4. 1) Witcher 3 2) Baldur's Gate 2 3) Final Fantasy IX
  5. I prepurchased the Champion Edition on GOG.com with the understanding that there would be upgrade options at a later time to the higher tiered editions. Nearly a year later the promised upgrade options are still not available despite availability on Steam. My intention was to buy the game, and a month or so later to buy the Royal upgrade. But that has not materialized yet and my question is: What gives? Why are you keeping money out of your own pocket? I am not the only person on GOG.com who wanted to upgrade their purchase, was told it would be an option, and then got stuck waiting. I'm not spending another $60 (Champion Edition) or $90 (Royal Edition) for a game I already paid $45 for. So What gives? If I read it right, Steam has the upgrade pack options, so why screw over the GOG crowd? Is it because we are fewer in number? I don't understand the mentality. Is it too hard to release upgrade options (for out of game goodies at that) for a game on the GOG platform? What is going on here? Thanks for your time.
  6. But as it does indicate progression, it feels like our previous progress is completely lost. My character may as well not be my character because the adventures to this point are completely invalidated.
  7. Turn-based combat isn't for everyone, much like RTwP isn't. My personal preference is for TB, but many of my favorite games, including Dragon Age Origin and the BG series are RTwP. It's not a deal breaker for me personally, but just a preference to play style.
  8. I personally prefer turn based, much like Shadowrun. But I set up RTwP auto pause to simulate Turn Based well enough. So it isn't a huge deal to me.
  9. Same here. I'm not too stressed if minor NPCs also aren't voiced, but random non-voiced bits in the companion and important NPCs are jarring and anti-immersive. I would literally rather have no voices at all than companion NPCs sometimes being voiced and sometimes not. I argue the opposite actually. Having your party and important NPCs voiced and no one else really throws the game out of perspective to me. I instantly know if someone is important down the road when I speak to them and talking to the little people of the world becomes just that. Useless noise I can ignore. I don't feel immersed in a world I can readily ignore 90% of, and having some NPCs talk and not others is really jarring. I like the way BG, Morrowind and PoE did it, with lead lines and important tone setting lines voiced, with others not voiced at all.
  10. I did this also. I want aware of this forum before I pledged.
  11. I wish Bethesda would take the route of less is more for voice acting. VA are expensive, sound files are big, and the benefit is minimal, except to the console gaming crowd who can't understand why they're not hitting an opponent, or why the person isn't saying all the words on the screen. God forbid you have to read a little. I wouldn't like too much voice over as I like the way it plays out in my head much better, and the best CRPGs don't need a lot of voice over.
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