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  1. I, too, wish to express my infinite* thanks to all the people who've hunted down the codes. Your efforts are much appreciated! (*) For certain values of infinite.
  2. TL;DR: I really want a Space Pig plushie, but I'm unable to back at a $500+ level... surely I cannot be the only one? To all the excellent people at Obsidian Entertainment — hear my plea! Now that the Backer Portal is up , will you please (pretty please, with sugar on top? I'll be your bestestest friend…) consider the option of making the Seriously Fluffy Space Pig Plushie (or SFSPP for short) available as an add-on? Some of your backers may not be able and/or willing to back at a $500+ level, thus being forever denied the ownership of a SFSPP (and thereby decreasing their total amount of happiness forever). And you know what? It may even increase the total amount of money pledged to the Deadfire project. (Warning: incoming arithmatic.) Suppose we have x Deadfire backers. Of those, let's assume that 1% is willing and/or able to back at the $500 level to obtain the SFSPP. (Yes, I know 1% is rather high, but this is just an example.) In this case, the SFSPP will net Obsidian 5x dollars (i.e., 1% of $500). But! What if the SFSPP was available as an add-on? Let's assume that $40 will net you this amazing creature. The percentage of backers willing to shell out a measly $40 (compared to the staggering amount of $500) to obtain our little SFSPP now rises to 15%. (Again, this is chosen arbitrarily.) In this case, the SFSPP will net the fine folk at Obsidian 6x dollars! (15% of x backers all paying an extra $40). That's a 20% increase in revenue! Anyway, all kidding aside: is there a chance the SFSPP will become available as an add-on? Also, what do you think, dear backer/reader?
  3. This post is severely lacking in gravitas. You, Sir and/or Madam, win today's Internet. One might almost say I find your lack of gravitas disturbing. Sorry, I'll see myself out now...
  4. TL;DR: is seems likely, but we'll have to wait a while to be sure. LordCrash posted a comment on this question at the Fig site. He seems quite positive, mainly because of an interview with Feargus over at Gamebanshee. Basically, the Paypal-funding for PoE I collected around $ 1,000,000; so $ 600K for PoE II seems reasonable, I guess. However, do bear in mind that the Fig-campaign for PoE II attracted less 'normal' backers than the KS for PoE I. Still, some of those 'missing' KS-backers might stil back PoE II via the PayPal portal, I guess.
  5. Just like the Scots, the greatest enemies of the Black Island Bastards are the Black Island Bastards... unless some outside force threatens them, of course . In that case, they'll stick together like a Bose-Einstein condensate .
  6. Well, as I opted for a soul-inhabited ship, shouldn't it be named like Culture ships? E.g., Gunboat Diplomat or A Ship With A View. Note that these two are only examples; they're both existing Culture ships. But I'm sure we can come up with something simiar that's fitting to the Deadfire setting.
  7. Arr. Did my bit for the ol' Bastards of the Black Isle. Granted, it's hardly an earth-shattering amount... but maybe I can add a bit next month. Now, where did I put that tankard o' grog?
  8. Well, how about a small obsidian figurine of a parrot? Or a parrot with a wooden obsidian leg? No wait, I've got it—a Letter of Marque with a black (“Obsidian”) seal. The possibilities are endless!
  9. Very happy to hear that funding our own lil' pirate crew will extend beyond the Fig campaign. That way I'll still be able to contribute. Arrr. (By the way, doesn't it strike you people as weird that we are funding a pirate crew? I mean, shouldn't pirates be self-funding? Or are these, perhaps, extremely inefficient pirates? Inquiring minds need to know!)
  10. I, too, heartily endorse this request. Why would I want to run everywhere? I ‘walked’ most of my characters in NWN 1/2 as well (running in a plate armour feels kind of silly)...
  11. Arrrrr. Let's dance a jig for all ye Black Island Basterds. *sings off-key* "On the Queen Anne's Revenge! Skull and bones and a serpent's head, are dancing with the madmen…" (with profound thanks to Flogging Molly—the original Salty Dogs—and our glorious Captain, the mighty Fluffle.
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