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Just though i would let you guys know (if you didnt already) that little savior, when replicated with helwax mould, and when equipped by two characters on your party stacks, im not sure if this is an overlook but +10 to all defenses AOE is pretty awesome lol. I put one on my priest and on my fighter main tank on my PoTD trio and its amazing. :DDD

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But it never hurts to point out those things again from time to time - because new users will not know stuff like that. So thank you.


Yep, a lot of these "common knowledge" things stop getting mentioned because those who know them assume everyone else does. Always good to have them brought up again from time to time.


And yeah, with helwax and an outworn buckler that's a pretty impressive +30 to all defences which is kinda ridiculous.

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Yeap it indeed doesn't hurt to point such stuff again)

A newcomer could easily make analogy between herald and zealous auras. And the later do not stack.

P.S. If herald property would be applied to non-weapon/shield equipment, it probably wouldn't stack as well.

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Yeah maybe. I also guess the reason why it stacks is that it's applies to a shield. Weapon and shield enchantments most often stack. Exceptions: disorienting, marking (except when dual wielding two marking weapons, those do stack), interfering, persecuting. And maybe a few others I forgot.

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