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Just picked up the game and am trying to decide what class to play. But I'm a bit overwhemed.


I want to max the mental stats (as much as is practical) because have a pet hate of missing out on dialog options.


Are there any builds that work well with that?


Can I trust builds from 2.0 or has too much changed?

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High resolve, high lore, high perception, and being a cipher (in that order) are probably your best bets when it comes to expanding your dialogue options.  However, dialogue prowess doesn't do much for you in PoE except for occasionally skipping fights (which you may not want to do if you're looking to fill out your bestiary, advance a soulbound weapon or obtain more loot). 

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You'll also miss dialogue option with too low Might, Dexteruty and Constitution even if it is to a lesser extent.


Due to magical items and food bonuses, you don't really maxed mental stats. You'll be confortable around 14-16 mental stats and still free to get a couple of points for phsyical attributes, or at least not dump then.


A Tank/Crowd Controller chanter using short phrases and Paralysis Cone Invocation could be a good choice. It would benefit from Int, Per and Res.


I think it could be better that Dragon trasher ones who is optimal with high might. Graze/Hit/Crit mechanic doesn't benefit much to chant as it change only the duration of the lingering. It won't benefit that much from Perception.

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