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Hello, just backed the game and soo excited for release! 


Just curious if there is any news about the use of grenades (Smoke/fire/poison)  After playing divinity  and using elements/grenades to my advantage

it has becomes something i think should be a staple.



This could be a cool new addition.

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I think that there should be throwing weapons, like daggers, chakrams and so on. As some variant to ranged attack, Tyranny has throwing weapons, so the path is found. They could serve as shotgun option, shorter range, but relativly high impact.


As for granades/bombs i view them as "what to do with all this defused traps?" So there could be an option to turn trap into throwing bomb of similar effect. It would work more like inventory item (scroll) consumable.

With some feats to enhance for far throw, larger aoe, stronger impact.

There could be a gimmick of bombs having travel path and time, so during lob something may happen, or they could bounce a little or something.

(so fun to code haha)


Granades, it would be blast to play.

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