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Hello, i wanted to pledge for this game on Fig but to my disappointment the only payment option offered is credit card, which I don't have.


I saw the payment processor being used is stripe.com which offers iDeal (Dutch payment system) according to its site but this option is not presented to me when pledging. Are you planning to make it available?

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My deep dark fears:


USD exchange rate at the start of the Fig campaign:



USD exchange rate in the middle of the Fig campaign:



USD exchange rate at the end of the Fig campaign:




Right now looks kinda like the second one.

It would be of small avail to talk of magic in the air...

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Slightly saddened with the lack of payment options as well.

I totally expected them to come through with that.

This means I will miss the beta as well as the physical box and other goodies.

On the upside though: I will keep my money, so there is that :)


I will try and check after Wednesday (and before the 3 days are up), not that great of odds when you're busy.

We will all play PoE2 regardless in the end though :biggrin:

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You guys need proper debit cards in your country

Due to us having our own payment method (iDEAL, think "2fa payments"), we're not really in a hurry.

Cards cost money here which is another bump (why pay for something you nearly never use?).

I can understand we're too small to be significant, just remember... The Netherlands second :p

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