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  1. Most impressive, thanks for compiling all this. As a fellow connoisseur and sucker for tidy and uniform GUIs ("as if made from one piece") I'd like to see those inconsistencies - as small and insignificant as they may appear to be - cleaned up as well. At some point of course, I reckon there are more pressing matters to attend to for the moment.
  2. So is this officially considered an oversight then? Because if it isn't, it's inconsistent nonetheless to sometimes show the qualifiers and not at other times. Either have the game show them for every skill check there is so that Expert Mode can reliably hide them all or get rid of them altogether.
  3. From the looks of it it seems that @Aarik D actually was thinking of something different when he said that enabling Expert mode would prevent the information from coming up and being displayed respectively. That being said - I'd very much like to have that toggle/option as well. It does get pretty chaotic and noisy (not to mention hard to read) at times, with the colored numbers and texts triggering and going off all at once during big encounters with multiple opponents. Also this.
  4. Well, too f*cking late. I doubt they will or even can change it back to the old system now that the game is out in the wild. Modding it back in is probably out of question too. If they would have kept calling it 'endurance' instead of 'health' at least. Watching 'health' automatically regenerate after each encounter feels wrong on so many levels, I can't even count them. Who knows - if people keep complaining about the new regenerating health system like they did back when 'some people' complained about not getting it and/or being confused(?) by the health/endurance implementation Obsidian might even consider bringing back the old system for PoE3 (which I guess is already in very early concepting stages).
  5. If both options aren't just included with the Beta but are present in the final release version, good. If that's not the case - well, then Obsidian should most definitely try to squeeze them in or make them available via a Day 1 or later patch. POTD on Expert mode and Trial of Iron with those skull icons resp. "underleveled" notifications still in place really isn't POTD on Expert mode and Trial of Iron anymore.
  6. Probably not possible for the next build on such short notice but how about one of the future builds having classic endurance/health instead of or even alongside the current system (maybe as part of a different build or branch) for a better evaluation/comparison of the two "in action", so to speak?
  7. May not have been the exact wording Josh Sawyer used when explaining why they ditched endurance/health for now, but the main reason allegedly was that (some) people didn't get it. Which, of course, now, a couple years later, is totally absurd. Is there really anyone who has played PoE and still does not understand how endurance/health works? If anything they're risking that people won't get it again by replacing a familiar system with yet another one that's surely going to confuse the crap out of people.
  8. "Some people" not getting it, of course. It's always because of a vocal minority that we can't have nice things or get to keep them, like in this case.
  9. Greetings, so I briefly dipped into the Beta yesterday to see if the concerns regarding the "streamlined" iteration of the health system were justified and... Yes, I don't like it at all, for mainly 2 (for now) reasons: - It simply doesn't feel like PoE. With the injury/wound limit artificially set to some arbitrary number (4, is it?) it resembles Tyranny way too much, and obviously not in a good way. Correct me if I'm wrong but in PoE you could accumulate a whole bunch of negative effects, afflictions, injuries, etc in much more subtle (and natural) increments before either or both endurance and health were decreased to such a degree that you had to take a rest. Or take the chance and continue on for a little longer, risking to be murdered during the next encounter. - The tactical part is gone for the most part. Managing both endurance and health and pondering whether to heal up completely or take the gamble hoping that endurance will hold was both a thrill and a satisfactory experience, especially when pulling off the gamble and saving a restoration spell or a precious use of wound binding or field triage in the process.
  10. Spell crafting may be flexible, encourage experimenting and all that, but the resulting custom spells are utterly generic and downright boring. There's a certain lack of "character", if you will. I take unique, established spells, with a good amount of lore and history attached to them, over super-generic, run-of-the-mill spells out of the construction kit any day of the week.
  11. @AndreaColombo Would you mind poking Aarik D one more time and ask what's what with that something to the effect of a "pledge what you want" tier? If they changed their mind about it or if it's still coming? Thanks.
  12. @Aarik D So... did you change your mind or are you just saving this alternative to the "pledge what you want" tier for the final final stretch? Getting closer and closer to that deadline and reaching $5M with regular slacker-backer pledging seems unlikely, at least at the current rate of progress. Most people should have upgraded their pledges with the additional stuff by now too. And I don't see those missing ~40K POE1 backers miraculously turn up at the last minute either.
  13. Hi guys! We are continually improving the Backer Portal, I don't believe we'll have a "pledge what you want" tier, but we may have something that will be to that effect. Any progress? The backer portal total has surpassed slacker backing through fig by +10K too, btw. Fig: $99,086 Backer portal (incl. PayPal): $110,095 That's $4.62M for the current post campaign total.
  14. Hi guys! We are continually improving the Backer Portal, I don't believe we'll have a "pledge what you want" tier, but we may have something that will be to that effect. "Pledge $50", "Pledge $100", "Pledge $250" and so on? Anybody noticed any of this over at the "new" backer portal?
  15. Hi guys! We are continually improving the Backer Portal, I don't believe we'll have a "pledge what you want" tier, but we may have something that will be to that effect. "Pledge $50", "Pledge $100", "Pledge $250" and so on?
  16. Exactly. And the earlier they enable the donation option on the backer portal the earlier people can start throwing more money at Obsidian. There's still about 500K to go and raising those with slacker backing alone seems unlikely, even with 45 days left.
  17. A "pay what you want" donation option for the backer portal would be quite useful nonetheless. Being forced to pledge for the nth copy of POE2 just to send a bit more money Obsidian's way isn't exactly the best way to go about it. And besides, the Black Isle Bastards fundraiser seems to be doing quite well in any case.
  18. Definitely interested here. Might even have a large two-figure amount ready to unload. And thanks again for pestering, AndreaColombo.
  19. From the fig comments: "Slacker Backer Pledge total on Fig is up to $54,020 (as of now Mar 2, 2017 | 06:51 PM) - this does not include anything from Obsidian's PayPal backer portal (last reported to be $42,261). I'll continue doing daily updates here until we have a live counter up somewhere :)"
  20. *Gently bumping the thread because I haven't seen an answer yet* Fig-exclusive, as far as I remember.
  21. Sweet, thanks. Check your Order History again (under My Orders from the dropdown menu in the upper right corner). Should have an entry with the tier (+ any addons) you pledged for.
  22. If it would be possible to add a "Pledge what you want"-option to the backer portal? Something you can enter in any amount (up to $9999 for instance) you're willing to pledge without any reward.
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