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  1. In all honesty it does not even have to end there, imagine if you could custom tailor your whole combat experience, giving limitless combinations, and being able to design your party with real total cohesion. Make archery shots customizable in the same matter adding elemental effects, knockdown, slowing, charming, splitting, bouncing....ect....ect. Make items 100% customizable to high end crafters. For example, give items a value of 100 points. +1 STR cost 10 points, +2 costs 30 points....a full +5 costs 100. Wanna make the item grant fireball, or backstab skill, that costs a flat 50 . So you could make an item that is +2 STR, for 30 points, Grants backstab for 50, Gives 1 CON for 10, and +10 poison resist for 10 making a total of 100. How fun would that be? The replay-ability of a game involving fully customizable spells, melee skills, archery, rogue ability's, and items would make for such an epic experience. The variety to combat would would be practically limitless.
  2. The absolute favorite feature of Tyranny, incorporated into my absolute favorite CRPG of all times.... (Pillars of Eternity), would make the sequel the greatest game in this genre of all time IMO. And what might you ask this is?!?!? Custom spell crafting. The custom spell crafting in Tyranny made every combat situation able to be dealt with in so many more ways. (Yes, all of them being magic related) This for one is just downright fun to manipulate, and two gave a lot of replay-ability to the game. It would also be amazing to see a similar customization for melee ability's. I have never seen that before in my life in ANY game. Custom melee maneuvers, make an ability that does super heavy damage with power, and swing speed modifiers. Or make a melee ability that does light damage but knocks down, and slows targets, Oh add a 5 meter AoE ability to that. How amazing would that be?!?!?! Just to be able to customize your attacks in this fashion would add so much to the game. Now if you REALLY wanted to create the Crem De La Crem of all CRPG's you would do the two mentioned steps above, then also incorporate the coolest feature of Divinity Original Sin. The way the different elements interact gives their fairly simple combat system in Divinity so much more depth, and allows for a lot of creativity in combat situations. I am not going to go into to much detail because I am sure many of you have played it. But the fact that fire hitting poision makes explosions, water hitting fire making steam (Smokescreen) Oil contacting fire makes firey ground cover. Wet ground with ice spells hitting it makes slippery ice floor cover. These combinations make the combat so entertaining in Divinity, cause it again adds so many combinations of ways to deal with combat, it also makes the characters feed off each other. Serious food for thought here boys, if you would like further creativity / mechanics ideas just PM me. No charge! =P
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