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Rogue Ape isn't an Animal



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@jolyonb: any chance that you could mark this thread as "Answered" by hitting the "Marked as Solved" button next to the appropriate Reply? I helps flag answers to other users looking for help and saves cycles for those looking to give help as they can skip the thread. thanks

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As per the title, the card "Rogue Ape" (one of the treasure cards) is an "Ape" and a "Rogue", but not an "Animal", which matters for Lini and Harsk. Any reason why?

I know your question is pretty much already answered, but here's what the actual developer of the Pathfinder ACG had to say regarding that question:

The Rogue Ape is an intelligent biped like a Tengu. Hence the character class trait "Rogue," which, for example, a "Rogue Elephant" would not get.

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