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3.04 Patch in Beta



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The 'perfect world plan'


- Update the Beta build toward the end of this week

- Run that Beta for another week or so

- Last round of bug fixes

- Live release (looking about 2 or 3 weeks from today)

- Decide the winners of the feedback contest

- Give out dope prizes and sick high fives


- Sking

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I've just returned to my 2016 attempt at playing Pillars. Like April /May 2015 attempt I had nearly given it up due to the immense struggle with encountered errors


After I installed the Beta patch which displayed as v3.04.1158 -steam, I was very happy to see that the Party Management screen issue had been fixed by this patch. That was a complete Show-Stopper. Not only did it prevent characters like Hiravias being used, it also corrupted save games.


Previous to the patch, and after a huge struggle, I managed to get a party of 6 to include Hiravias. Eventually came a point where I needed to swap him out again. Doing this led to the game losing 5 unique items and two magical items that Hiravias had in his inventory. These were completely "lost" to the game.


Once the new patch was being used, I managed to fix this with the use of AddItem. Thankfully the missing weapons, armor and magical items are now back in the game.


Coincidentally only a week ago I had stopped playing the game in complete disgust. I had returned to the Stronghold at the point a certain Nyry the Deft Hand was visiting it. Having paid him/her 1000 gold, in return I received a Potion of Power only?  Pillars Wikipedia (which continually provides information that contradicts things I experience in game play) - stated that in addition, I should have received the Cloak of the Cheat. In the Beta Patch this item has now returned - Hoorah!!!


The third (and potentially the most serious) issue for me is the massive bloating of all game save files. These are now more than 30 times the size of my initial save. The problem I htink it is causeing is that from the opening screen until the selected save file is loaded, is now taking nearly 4 minutes !!!! It is impossible to "play-test" any computer process under these circumstances - and equally impossible to get much enjoyment from normal game play.


This problem surely cannot be affecting everybody or there would have been a major outcry about the game. But browsing the forum - it would appear it does (or perhaps did) affect a large number of people. This was why my first attempt at the game was abandoned 18 months ago.


I have tried to raise the problem before - but have had no success.  I've a pretty reasonable spec PC (running Windows 7). All other like games Dragonage, The Witcher etc. have no issue with my PC - but Pillars is grinding to a halt!!! .


Is it something to do with the way I am tacking the game play - or a program bug for certain PC set-ups - or is a Steam setting at fault?


No matter what I have tried, I has not improved it. Surely Obsidian must be aware of this issue and can offer a solution.


From my background, the only realistic explanation appears to be that thee game is attempting to keep track of every item that is generated. Why do shop keepers keep multiple copies of cheap items being sold to them by the player? e.g. 24 sets of robes. Surely multiple copies of armor, weaponry and clothing items are completely unnecessary.


Pillars has the potential of surpassing Baldur's Gate in it concept - but generating Game-Breaking show-stoppers (such as the Party Management issue) after a new  patch has been applied - and then taking months before a beta patch is released to re-correct the mistake - neither enhances the game nor the companies' reputation.


I would very much appreciate a statement on this file bloating / load time issue



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Can we have another update for this week?

I tried to get one out this morning but fell behind. It will be ready tomorrow morning. This will be the final, final update before the patch goes live. This update will only fix the Kraken DR bug.


- Sking

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