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  1. The title says it all. With 3.07 I am still having the captain cap confuse Eder.
  2. Any spellbound item that has a per/rest spell will not function if you rest without loading a save. I'm not sure if this happens to any other type of item, but I've tried it on 3 items now and it functions the same with all 3.
  3. I only found 1 more Act 1 bug. When trying to get Pasca to pay for the beers to give to Sweynur, even if he says you are benevolent or have the reputation with GV to get it, you still end up losing 6 cp when he gives you the Beer. Extremely minor. I'm not sure if this is a bug or just inefficient behavior, on Level 1 of Endless paths the Wood and Stone beetles that use a ranged corrode attack initially with it then charge to melee clustered up against a doorway with a tank in it. By all accounts they should function like slimes and stay and shoot if they can't get into melee. Also the spider section before the in the prison area are unnaturally staggered. They should probably just all aggro in that area instead of having 1 or 2 aggro because of the pathing. Other than that everything up until Act 2 seems to function outside of issues already presented that are not going to get fixed in past patches.
  4. You can't do a reload, a reload fixes it and allows it to proc again. Try getting someone killed, resting in with no reloads then killing that character again. I only noticed it because I wasn't save scumming
  5. I've found some repeatable bugs in 3.04 Live in Act 1 I wanted to mention, I will add (if there are any) as I complete each in turn. 1.) Second Chance doesn't work 1/rest, it works just once per character. 2.) If you receive a moderate (doesn't work on slight) reputation hit in Gilded Vale you will get attacked by Commoner like attack of opportunities (non-Red circle) when walking through them. Easiest way to reproduce is to kill Desslock in the Inn for his gear then walk around.
  6. First: Hunting Bows when on the back have an arrow knocked and are set high on the back so it looks completely off. Looks like this is specific to female Pale Elves. Second: Occasionally and for no reason I can ascertain, I get a yellow circle around my character (like the engagement or range circle) when running around out of combat. I have validated my install and am still having these oddities. Also I think I have found a solution to the clipped sound bytes. Sometimes when verifying your install after it the first portion of the clip is silent, performing another validation afterword will fix it.
  7. You don't wanna know how many gigs them upping it to 24 would have taken!
  8. Can we have another update for this week?
  9. Is there any chance that GOG users with GOG Galaxy will have the ability to participate in the beta?
  10. I vote Loren Tyr to go through every bug report and give example code so they are easy to fix and you can fix more of them before you put the patch in for testing.
  11. The Whispers of Yenwood will stack with other +Con items and not suppress them. You can test it with Fulvano's boots easily enough. Every other Item type with attribute bonuses seems to work as intended (highest bonus suppress lower bonus).
  12. This is not only heals and Exhortations, Xaulrip Priests buffs like Dire Blessing also affect the party.
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