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  1. Maegfolc Skull also a good option. +4 strenght to an adsditional warrior plus unbending is priceless!
  2. I would simple add an option to the game which reduces to 75% or to 50% the retriveable xp as an extra difficulty. With that the player would need to calculate where he goes first and where he does not. I do not like monster scaling since there is a fun if you can beat a monster on smaller level than the average did.
  3. Hi Anaeme, At my 3rd play through with my ultimate super commando, with using scrolls and potions properly, mainly scrolls. I killed all, Top bosses on PoTd trial of iron, which means I killed them at first try. Especially at the Adra, was on level 13. All I needed is a rouge, (main character) Pallegina, Kana, Grieving Mother, Durance and Aloth. Plus I needed food A bunch of Accuracy boosting spells (Scroll of valor + priest ones) and healing scrolls at almost all characters + paralyzing spell at 3 of my magic users. And the Adra was dead. At other cases the positioning was important ( at
  4. Agree, Its a bit annoying. Not on Expert level of course but its really disturbing
  5. Hi Developers, Ignore it pls. it worked after a successful save load. No issues.
  6. Hi Developers, I think its a bug. Curoc's brand wand does not provide the fireball/per rest that is written in its description. Here you can find my save game file. The person who is holding the wand is durance: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/n6uz45djl9b2po9/AABjv6VqzC9wohDjZs9tli_ra?dl=0 Thanks
  7. Hi Boeroer, It worked. I just had to reload the save and the issue was solved. Thanks!
  8. Hi Everyone, Noticed that in a battle Kana Consistently stops chanting no matter it is switched off before the battle or not. Not sure why. Additionally I lost a gun from his third weapon slot from one second to another. Here is the dropbox link After loosing the weapon where you can find my save file: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/mzxhi0ccgro898l/AAB0BYhcLyO6TjP5dOlV5Y5fa?dl=0 Additionally regardless I reswitch his chanting, it switches off a little after I am at Caed nua level 2. Thanks!
  9. Hi Everyone, The Ciphers Mind wave's range highlight is still originates from the cipher and not from the target. Would it be possible to take out this minor bug? It happened at the sanitarium at Brakenbury, on cells level.
  10. Hi Sking, Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately I had to left out the last week but I hope I will be able to provide you some useful info. Thanks again!
  11. Dear Developers, Let me be the second as an enthusiastic player I have restarted the game several times with a rough only because that is my favorite character and I consider that one for my way of play the strongest. I am in act II with finalizing all quests and finishing Caed nua, but not killing the dragon yet, which is a goal with my latest play since at another one I let her go. (I hope she will appear in Pillars2 ) ) I have not started to use the newest beta Patch so this is rather an experience description 1. How have we been at communicating with you guys? It’s complet
  12. Hi Sking, I cannot download 3.04 Patch via Steam. Do you have code maybe with that I can find? At previous patches that was the case. If you can share that with me that would be cool. Thanks
  13. Dear Developers, the mind wave has an issue now. it show as if the magic would come from the Cipher instead from the target.
  14. Hi Goger, I noticed the same error, however the Accuracy is calculated properly in Combat, moreover after a combat, the proper accuracy will be shown until you switch weapons from your inventory.
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