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Iphone battery and heat



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Try turning off "Effects" in Options --> Settings.  It will disable a bunch of minor animations that you've probably never even noticed.  I can't say it will help a lot, but it could still help.  The Unity Engine is also a tricky beast, and even though something may look flat and 2D, it doesn't mean the rendering core is treating objects much differently than if they were 3D.


Also, keep in mind that the game is pretty darn chatty from a networking perspective.  If you're not playing on WiFi, it is frequently firing up the cellular data connection.  It isn't a lot of data, but constant bursts from cell modem will always have a higher power draw than straight WiFi.  You could try playing offline, but then you'd lose out on gold.


Sorry, there isn't much better an answer.  I've got an iPhone 5s myself.  I'm a big fan of its rectangular slab form-factor, but sometimes the little quirks of my three year old phone make me want to throw it in a river.

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