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  1. I did try playing with the effects turned off, and it did help cut down the overheating. My battery was still draining pretty quickly, but I can live with that if its not frying my phone.
  2. I'm having the exact same issue. Playing on a 5s as well. I haven't tried yet, but will play a bit with low power mode on the phone turned on to see if that helps and report back. Loving the game, once I figured out how to play it!
  3. I'm having similar issues as well. Items in my inventory seem to disappear, but if you mouse over the inventory slot a tooltip will pop up showing the item is there. Reloading usually fixes the problem. Something that seems to be related (another graphical glitch) is I'm getting random black boxes showing up on the screen that are stationary relative to the world, i.e. if I scroll the screen the black boxes move with the rest of the world. They even show up on the map screen. Again, reloading fixes.
  4. For turning off stealth, I assigned a hot key (I use "Y" but that's arbitrary) to exit stealth for the selected characters. You can quickly pause, select all characters, hit Your hot key, and be on your way. It would be nice to have it be done automatically if you want it, but this is an easy work around.
  5. This is a great idea. It'd also be great if each pet gave some sort of bonus...like the Black Hound could give a bonus to finding hidden objects, stuff like that.
  6. Aside from maybe some character build tips I'm not sure why you would even need a strategy guide for this game. None of the quest seemed all that hard to figure out. There aren't really any puzzles to speak of. And if a particular fight is too difficult, come back to it when you level up once or twice.
  7. I was making a custom journal entry, and typing the letter "L" in the title of the entry caused my game to quick load. I'm not sure if that's a normal hotkey or one I assigned (I think I probably assigned it myself). It seems to be the only hotkey doing its thing when typing in the journal, and it only does it when typing a title for the entry. So yeah, probably not a widespread problem...
  8. You probably could start playing it now with the 3.0 beta patch installed. I doubt too much will change between now and the official release. It seems pretty solid from what I've played (granted I haven't played too much on the latest beta patch, so take that fwiw). Steam has the 2 parts of the White March packaged together for a $5 discount, and unless you play really quickly you probably won't even get to the WM areas before part 2 is out.
  9. And anyway, as long as there aren't any other townsfolk hanging around, you can just kill the backer NPC's for some extra loot
  10. Didn't see this listed so apologies if this is a redundant post. I'm playing version 1.06. I have the 'L' key set as my quick load hotkey. I was making a journal entry and when I pressed that key, the game loaded my last quicksave. Please disable hot keys during custom journal entries, if possible. Thanks!
  11. For me personally, the side quests are the real meat of the game. As Wanderon said, Defiance Bay is very reminiscent of Athkatla in BGII. I am still only in Act II due mostly to being a compulsive RPG restarter, but playing through all the Defiance Bay quests has gotten me finally completely hooked on PoE. They did a good job of avoiding making the side quests all a bunch of fetch quests, and added some nice twists and multiple solutions to them. And as dense as Defiance Bay is, it is nothing compared to Sigil in Planescape: Torment. That game is ridiculous with the side quests, and I love it! I guess my point is, why not just take your time and enjoy all the content that's in the side quests. Or if they're not your thing, most of them are optional and can be skipped.
  12. It's a weird system but this thread should answer your question https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/72846-stronghold-actions-adventures-turns/
  13. You beat me to it. I was just about to say the same about money. At the beginning of the game I was pretty shocked at how expensive a room is, but it very quickly becomes a non factor if you are looting fallen mobs. It does pay off to pay for a room and get the stat bonuses rather than staying in the free room most inns have. If you're really concerned about resting too often, be sure to give your chracters as many points in athletics aaa you can spare. Otherwise they are going to be griping about being fatigued all the time.
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